Weight Loss Through HCG Diet: The Secret Is In Your Kitchen

Sticking on to a balanced diet and losing weight seems to be a real struggle for most people. Though we live in a century where being slim and fit seems to be the trend, a good number of people are struggling with overweight due to unhealthy food habits and restricted amount of physical activities. Overweight or obesity could result in various diseases and illnesses, lack of energy, lack of self-confidence and many other issues.

A strict diet plan and regular exercise could help in reducing one’s weight. Losing weight does not happen overnight so a person requires a good amount of patience and perseverance without which the dream of being fit would be almost impossible.

The physical limitations of a person’s body and a huge amount of fat stores could be a hindrance to losing weight. The HCG diet plan developed by Dr. Albert T W Simeons a British endocrinologist is a successful method by which one can reduce a good amount of weight in a short period of time.

The HCG Diet: What is it?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or the HCG hormone is a pregnancy hormone that burns fat stored in the body of a woman throughout her pregnancy. Scientific experiments conducted by Dr. A T W Simeons proved that the intake of this hormone resulted in the burning up of fat in individuals. The experiment was initially done on boys with low levels of testosterone. The metabolic process of a body is regulated using the HCG hormone.

The findings helped Dr. Simeons to put forth a new diet plan in 1954, for individuals who were overweight. The two main steps to be followed under this diet programme are the intake of HCG hormones through pills or injections and consumption of fewer than 500 calories per day. The lack of calories is replaced by the burning up of stored fat by the HCG hormones which in turn helps in reducing one’s weight quickly.

How does it work?

When the HCG hormone is introduced into one’s body, the metabolism is stimulated thereby burning the storage of fat which is converted into energy. So in spite of restricting the intake of the number of calories to 500 or less, a person does not suffer from hunger or fatigue and has the energy to function normally.

Do I need medical supervision to adopt this dietary plan?

The HCG dietary plan has to be adopted under strict medical supervision. A qualified physician could advise you on the kind of diet you have to stick to considering your medical history. Adopting this diet plan while having certain illnesses could be dangerous and hence your physician might prevent you from doing so.  In case you are allergic to certain kinds of food, he could help you decide on what should be included in your diet.

Weight loss through HCG diet

The administration of HCG hormone

The HCG hormones are introduced into an individual through injections, pills or sublingual drops. Injections should be given by a qualified medical practitioner in a professional setting like a diet clinic. Administration of HCG hormones through drops is a recent development which is much cheaper and painless.

What kind of food could be included in this diet?

The HCG diet plan is extremely restrictive on the kinds of food that can be consumed. The intake of certain types of meat, vegetables, fish, and fruits are allowed but an item that’s not on their list has to be avoided. The diet is low in starches, carbohydrates, and high-fat food. Sugar, alcohol, and dairy products have to be avoided totally. However, vitamin, magnesium, and potassium supplements are allowed in this dietary programme.

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What are the benefits of HCG diet plan?

Compared to the other dietary plans this is one of the easiest and fastest ways by which a person can reduce weight. In almost all the other diet plans the restriction of calories is accompanied by hunger pangs, but not so in the HCG diet programme because the calories that are missing are replaced by burning the storage of fat in one’s body.

The presence of HCG hormone also stops a person from experiencing dullness of mind, weakness of the body and fatigue which are normally seen in people following a particular diet plan. The metabolic function is high, the energy level experienced by the person is also much higher and the blood sugar levels remain stable. The ultimate HCG diet plan could give you more insights regarding this diet and weight loss.

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