10 Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of a Hand Blender

Step One:

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, for blending time, blending quantities, power outlets, how to clean the device, food that the blender won’t and will blend.

Step Two:

Make sure the blender is unplugged while taking the blades or the shaft off or putting them on.

Step Three:

Ensure that you are using the correct attachment or accessory for the task. ( Learn more about all the jobs a blender can do).

Step Four:

Turn on the power, and if you hand blender is cordless ensure that the device is charged. Check on the instructions to find out whether to turn the power on once the blender is inside the food or before. If you are using the blender to chop up ice, it is usually better to start up the device once the blades are inside the ice.

Step Five:

Make sure you are using a large enough container to stop the food from overflowing or splashing out of the top. Narrow containers are usually a better option than the wider ones. Try creating a vortex action which will ensure the food travels around the container and then back under the blades.

hand blenderStep Six:

Never use your blender in food that is boiling over the stove (unless the manufacturer has stated that it is safe). For example, you can use a Bamix in food that is boiling on a stovetop.

Step Seven:

Hold the blender at a gentle angle and make sure it is not touching the bottom part of the container. Move the blender from side to side until you reach the consistency that you want (also move the container which will help to smooth out any lumps). Check on how long it is safe to blend for. The blenders that feature a higher speed and power usually mean you can keep your blender on for longer. Certain tasks may only take a few seconds, while others could take 30 seconds or longer.

Step Eight:

When you are finished blending, avoid tapping the shaft against the jug or container as this could damage your blender. Rather tap it against your other hand to remove the excess food. Bamix is one of the blenders that recommends not tapping the shaft against any hard items as the shaft houses the electronics that drive the blades.

Step Nine:

Make sure you unplug the device and turn the power off before detaching any of the parts.

Step 10:

Wash the blades and the blender immediately after use.

Now that you know about the basics, you can see a hand-blender in action on the video featured on our main page for hand blenders.