An Outdoor Kitchen – A Great Addition to Your Home

An outdoor kitchen speaks lifestyle. It is a hub of entertainment, where you and your family can spend countless cherished moments together. Call the friends and neighbours for a little BBQ party maybe, or set up the grill with the guys on football night. An outdoor kitchen also needs a fair bit of planning, to ensure that you get the best functional and aesthetic results.

Why is an Outdoor Kitchen a good idea?

There are many reasons an outdoor kitchen can really add value to your home. The first reason is the most obvious. An outdoor kitchen would be a centrepiece, a place where everyone would want to hang out. It also takes the action away from the confines of your home, meaning there is a smaller mess to clean.


Outdoor kitchens can really help you cut down on those utility bills. Cooking in the kitchen raises the temperature and the air-conditioning kicks in. However, the more natural setting of the outdoor kitchen allows for the best ventilation possible, without heating up the house. Another advantage of having an outdoor kitchen is that the smells of cooking do not linger around the house. Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is much more convenient and fun. No more smoky kitchens.

Have you ever wondered if there are ways to create more living space, while not spending too much? An outdoor kitchen is one way of doing it. You do not need to build a new room. All you need is some covering over an outdoor area, and you are set. An outdoor kitchen will add more to the real estate value of your property. If you do plan to sell your home, you can use this space as one of the unique selling points. Therefore it is wise to choose the best materials to build your kitchen, keeping in mind the long-term value.

An outdoor kitchen will also encourage you to grill more food. If done right, grilling is one of the most waist-line friendly cooking techniques. Use your outdoor kitchen more and develop healthier eating habits too. With such a setup at home, you will not want to step out for a meal too often. On top of the healthy cooking, you will be saving a lot of money on restaurants. In fact, if you are passionate about the culinary arts, you can even have your own pop-up grill joint and invite people to join in for a nominal fee. An outdoor kitchen can be the perfect platform where you develop your cooking skills and make it a profession.

What are the Outdoor Kitchen Components?

Now that you have warmed up to the idea of an outdoor kitchen, you need to make a list of things that you probably need to set up one. The BBQ grill is indispensable. You can opt for an in-built piece or a portable one. Choose the size wisely, depending on the average crowd size you think you will be catering to.

What-are-the-Outdoor-Kitchen-ComponentsYou also need a smoker and a preparation counter. A refrigerator is an important addition unless you want to keep jumping into the house to pick up the steaks and beers. You can add a food storage area and an oven to have a more well-rounded cooking set-up. Keep a bar area, to add to the entertainment quotient of the space.

Running water is important for preparing your meals, so you can add a sink to the list of fixtures. The lighting of the space is very important. For the floors, it is recommended you keep it natural and low-maintenance – concrete or bricks are good. Some of the accessories you need are serving dishes, skewers, cutlery, and other grill-specific cooking and serving tools.

Call the Experts

For a complex addition like an outdoor kitchen, it is best you call the niche service providers. Opt for end-to-end solutions, right from procurement of fixtures to design and installation. Local area experts will help you find a set-up that complements the climate of the place, keeping you on top of the maintenance game. Every home has a unique layout, so the design is a very important factor and there should always be space for customization. A professional installation would also ensure smooth functioning of all your fixtures, from the sink to the fire.

Experiment with different cuisines and techniques in your grill island. Your outdoor kitchen can become the venue of celebrations in the home, whether it is a birthday or a special anniversary. Those family reunions will also be more fun. Get in touch with companies like Grill Tanks Plus Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation. With years of experience, these local area professionals offer you a one-stop-shop solution, with unique designs that harmoniously fit in with the decor and architecture of your home.