Kitchen Sinks Buying Guide with FAQs 2019

The kitchen sink is the most underrated product when it comes to kitchen tools and accessories. The importance of a sink is only understood when it doesn’t function properly. People don’t judge much while buying this product. A malfunctioned kitchen sink can be a nightmare and it’s not easy to change or replace a kitchen sink. That’s why it is always better to review and go through the pros and cons of different models before making the purchase decision.

While purchasing a kitchen sink, we need to keep some factors in mind. The best kitchen sink must be made of good quality materials, it must look classy, the size must be appropriate and should have modern kitchen faucet and should be affordable. Scroll down to see some buying tips that will definitely help you to find the best kitchen sink for your kitchen:



Kitchen sinks can be made with a variety of materials. But stainless steel is the most convenient. Stainless steel made kitchen sinks is sturdy; looks good and most importantly these are cost-efficient. Also, you can purchase solid surface, cast iron, composite granite, Cast Acrylic, Fire Clay, copper and so many other materials. Our experts recommend purchasing stainless steel materials made kitchen sink because of their long-lasting durability.


Single Bowl Vs. Double Bowl

Kitchen sinks come in both single bowl and double bowl types. Both of them have distinct positive and negative sides. You should choose according to your need.

Single Bowl Sink:

Kitchen Sinks that comes with only one compartment is called single bowl or single basin sink. It is suitable for light usages.

Double Bowl Sink:

Kitchen sinks that come with two different compartments are known as double bowl sink. This is heavy built, spacious and suitable for both large and small families.


Size of the Kitchen Sink

Do you need a large size kitchen sink? Or do you need a smaller one? It depends on the size of your kitchen. If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can pick a large size sink. But if you have a smaller kitchen area, you can’t bring a large sized sink. Even if you can adjust it, it will look weird.


Shapes and designs

When it comes to kitchen sinks, there are a variety of shapes available in the market. You will find different types of shapes including square, rectangle, wavy, rounded, farmhouse, double farmhouse and many others in the market to choose from. It depends on the taste of yours and the décor of your kitchen. Pick the shape that matches your kitchen décor most.


Installation System

You can pick either top mount installation system or under-mount installation system. Top mount sinks are mounted on the top of the counter. On the other hand, under-mount sinks are mounted underneath the counter.



When it comes to kitchen sinks, if you want a sturdy model with the super convenience you have to spend a handsome amount of money. But you can also pick a normal kitchen sink which are less expensive. But they don’t have any guarantee. Remember, it’s always better to pick a kitchen sink from a well-known brand. They usually offer a warranty.


Best Kitchen Sinks: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which material is best for kitchen sink?

Without any second thought, it is stainless steel. Stainless steel made kitchen sinks are made to last. However, you can also choose Porcelain or Enamel over Cast Iron made kitchen sinks that are durable and stylish both together. There are sinks which are made of different materials like glass made, composite made, and copper made that are available in the market.

What is the right gauge for a stainless steel kitchen sink?

The lower the gauge is, the thicker and sturdy the stainless steel will be. However, 18 gauges are ideal and better than 20 gauge. Most of the under mount sinks are 18 gauge.

What is the right depth of an average kitchen sink?

Kitchen sinks mostly come in bowl depth. Now a day, the average depth of a kitchen sink range between 8 to 10 inches. You can also find 12 inches’ depth kitchen sink.

What is the ideal height of a kitchen sink?

Ideal height actually depends on the height of the people who will use. The height of kitchen sinks ranges from 10 inches to 39 inches. You have to decide according to the average height of the people of your family.

Which one is the best kitchen Sink Brand?

Tough to answer! Quite a competition here. Kraus, KOHLER, Swanstone, MR Direct, etc. are the most reliable name in kitchen sink industry. You can pick one from those brands.