The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Baking Substitutions

Holy f***ing crap, I am out of baking powder! Oh, Shit only an egg left! No tomato sauce? Oh no! That’s the situation we all had experienced a couple of time in our life. Trust me; we will experience those craps again and again. You are making coffee in your favorite coffee maker and you are our of milk or sugar. Have you ever faced like this?

Missing a vital ingredient in the middle of a dish sucks. You have to pause your cooking and borrow some from your neighbor otherwise you have to go to the grocery shop. The dish is already underway; you have no other option than to finish it.

Well, some of you may wonder yes there is an option, to throw everything away! That’s not the proper solution to your frustration. You can resolve this eternally. Without wasting time, you can use some simple substitutions for everyday baking needs. We have gathered a list of baking substation where we covered from Baking Powder to Tomato Sauce that will resolve the majority of your cooking needs.

Moreover, if you are health conscious, yet don’t want to give up your favorite dish, those baking substitutions is what you need. Remember, healthy eating doesn’t mean to give up your most favorite food. You can bake many of your desired food items without any fat by using those healthy baking substations. The taste will remain the same. Even you can make healthier snacks that will taste same as the restaurant you visited often.

However, this is for an unexpected situation. We are not encouraging you to use those habitually. You will be surprised after watching some of those changes. This chart will prove to be beneficial in your everyday cooking activity. You can print the chart and stuck it in your kitchen or on the fridge. Let’s have look at the chart and enjoy your cooking time completely.

Guide to Cooking & Baking Substitute [Infographic]

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Thank you and Enjoy your cooking time!