Your 7 Steps Guide to a Waste-Free Kitchen

By now we all know that wasting food is uncool and we really want to do something about it. Yet we are often unsure where to start at home. But there is a right way to start and it is by keeping tabs on food, ingredients and cooked meals we already have. We also need to know precisely what food is about to expire.

But if we are not at home, there is no way of checking any of that. So we go ahead and buy pork chops or take-away for dinner, totally forgetting that we have chicken breasts that absolutely need to be cooked tonight or else they will perish. So the first step to wasting less food at home, starts exactly here!

  1. Quick Daily Update

You don’t need to do a full week meal planning. On the contrary, meal planning works best if you do it day by day, after being sure about everybody’s plans for tonight. But you need to  have access to your fridge and pantry inventory remotely. That’s where apps such as CozZo, become an indispensable companion. You can check all the food that you have at home and get warning on items that are due or are about to expire. So before you do your shopping plan, you are completely updated on your pantry status.

  1. Recipe Finder

Upon checking your pantry status, you find out you have chicken breasts that urgently need your attention, but you also have some red peppers. If you are using CozZo, you can select those two items from the pantry list and look up for the best recipe ideas in your favourite recipe site, with the app’s inbuilt recipe finder. This way, you are making the best use of the food you already have.

  1. Make a Shopping List

Now that you know what you are cooking tonight, you have to just buy the ingredients that are missing in your pantry.  Add them to your shopping list and head for the store, You will shop with intention, you will be fast,and efficient and you won’t be seduced by items you currently don’t need.

Waste-Free Kitchen

  1. Don’t Follow Recipes Too Strictly

Now you are home and ready to cook dinner. Be lenient on recipes, they are not the gospel but just someone’s take on a dish. If you bought a bunch of carrots, but the recipe only says 4, throw in the 5th carrot as well. Spear it a forlorn death in the fridge. Substitute ingredients – if you don’t have red onions, use yellow ones instead,

  1. Freeze Batches

Freeze the remaining portions of a dish if your family doesn’t like eating the same thing twice. To make sure you know what you have in your freezer, choose ‘Home Cooked’ category from CozZo app, set the number of portions and add a delicious picture for future reference. Freezing is one of the most efficient ways to preserve food from spoiling prematurely.

  1. Create a New Dish from Your Leftovers

We agree, eating leftovers may be a bit boring especially after the second day. We often pretend we forgot we have leftovers in your fridge until they are beyond salvation and need to be binned, Instead, we can turn them into a brand new delicious frittata, which basically works with any kind of left-over ingredients.

  1. Stay Motivated by Tracking Your Progress

Once you’ve got serious about food waste reduction, start tracking your progress to keep yourself going. Again CozZo has a great built-in feature that helps you see the ratio between used up and discarded food, at a glance or month by month.

So don’t waste another day of food. Get your today and start off with step 1.