Factors to Consider While Buying Commercial Induction Cookers

Commercial induction equipment like an induction cooker has become a need for chefs and restaurant owners. Still, many chefs are using gas ovens, which reduces their productivity.

Induction equipment is not a new thing. People are using these cookers for years in their home. But in a commercial job, they are not very interested. This is a big mistake. Induction ovens are a must for the consistent performance of your restaurant.

If you use a high-quality commercial induction cooktop or oven, I can assure you you won’t use the traditional gas cookers again. Customers will always get the same food taste. You will get fewer complaints.

In this guide, we are going to share the most significant factors that you must keep in mind while buying commercial induction cookers.

Control Panel Of Commercial Induction Cooker

4 Facts to Know before Buying the Commercial Induction Device

Fact 1: Temperature Control

Combined with the temperature responsiveness of a gas cooktop, commercial induction cookers work safely through pulsing on and off method. It will repeat the process until reaching the desired temperature. But the problem with a low-quality induction cooker is they cannot reach the high temperatures required for certain dishes, which in turn affects the taste of the food unless you set them to maximum power. So if you want to cook at low to mid-temperature, they will be a complete disaster.

So whenever you are trying to make top-quality food at your restaurant, it won’t be a good option. Always go for the top models from the reputed commercial induction manufacturers. Usually designed with different power settings, the best quality commercial inductions allows changing temperature quickly, which will give you much flexibility. Also, check the pulsing technique that they have used on their induction device.

Fact 2: Button VS Knob Controls

When you are using induction cookers at home, you should go for the stylish and easy-cleaning button options. If you’re in the middle of cooking and wearing gloves, you can’t use the touch control without removing gloves, which seems a bad experience.

But when it comes to professional cooking, knob control is the thing that you need most. The knob is faster than the temperature-adjusting button, which provides functional convenience. In the commercial cooking process, the quick operation is an important factor affecting the exquisiteness of the dishes, which cannot be ignored.

Fact 3: Buy from Trusted Places Only

Whenever you are searching for commercial induction equipment, you will get tons of sites that are selling commercial equipment.

But actually, they are not. They are using “commercial” as a marketing term. A cost-cutting technique employed in some cases of an induction cooktop is to mix copper wire with a cheap material to keep the manufacturing costs low. What happens as a result is that induced magnetic induction will not be strong to cook speedily or evenly. Make sure they have certified pure copper wire. So don’t go with their lucrative offers.

We suggest our readers to always get their products from reputable sources. For example, you can check the official website of Smabo. Smabo is the first manufacturer of commercial induction cookers in China. They have been in this business since 2003. You will get stoves, cookers, induction hobs, induction burners, fryer, griddle, etc. from them. All of them are from commercial grade. They are offering distributorship and factory prices for bulk orders as well. Click here to contact them.

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Fact 4: Warranty

Commercial induction devices are durable if you get it from a reputed business. But always remember that you are investing this money for your business, so it must have a warranty. Before ordering, carefully read through all the terms and conditions from the manufacturer. And be sure what their warranty is covering. And obviously, go for the highest warranty.

Ask about the build quality before buying from the manufacturer. It will be a good idea if you check product details from multiple vendors and carefully compare them before buying.

That’s all. We hope you have already known how to get the right commercial induction equipment. We suggest always go for the top products from a highly trusted manufacturer.

If you still have some questions, feel free to ask us, using the comment below. Please don’t forget to share with your friends.