Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT Review 2020

If you are a fried and crispy food lover, an air fryer will do a massive help for you to prepare your favorite food items. With an air fryer, you can make a variety of fried foods with ease. Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT is an unbeatable kitchen tool for its performance as well as design.

This large and affordable air fryer from the famous brand called “Cosori” comes up with smart wifi and so many great features to serve your favorite fried foods. Let’s check out the review of this best rated air fryer of 2o2o.

Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT Review 2020

Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT

Detailed Key Features

11 Original Presets

You will get 11 functions in a single steak in this air fryer. It will enable you to prepare a wide range of foods such as egg bakes, desserts, roasted veggies, and so on. There are unique presets for making 11 different types of foods, and these options are Poultry, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, Desserts, and Preheat. You only have to tap on any option to start frying.

Large Capacity

The size of this fryer basket is as large as 5.8- Quart Square, which is spacious enough to fit a 5 lbs-6 lbs whole chicken. With smaller round air fryer units, you will not be able to fry a large number of foods.

Preheating Option

If you want an improved texture of the food, it should be preheated. Many fryers in the market don’t have this option to preheat foods. But in Cosori Air Fryer, you will get this function. In traditional ovens, preheating consumes a lot of time, but in this air fryer, it will take only 2/3 minutes to preheat foods.

One-Touch LED Panel

The one-touch LED panel facilitates you to make the selections and take care of the calculations.

Non-stick Basket

Since the basket surface is non-stick, it will have less foo residue left behind.

Shake and Keep-Warm Function

The shake function will remind you when to shake the foods after an even fry. The keep-warm function will keep the food hot if you want to keep it in the fryer for a while.

Detachable Basket

The inner basket of the fryer can be detached. Thus you will get some advantages, such as cleaning the basket effortlessly and also taking away the prepared food easily.


If you are a novice user and don’t have any idea about the meals you can prepare using this air fryer, you don’t have to be worried. Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT comes with a cookbook containing easy recipes for 100 delicious meals.


Design of Cosori Air Fryer

First of all, this machine has a huge interior basket measuring 5.8-quart square. The dimension is 11.8 x 12.6 x 11.7 inches. It includes 11 preset and preheat buttons. The interface doesn’t have a complicated design. You won’t have to go through a lot of steps to make your food.

Although this air fryer has a large size, the space is limited. The back of the fryer emits hot air, which may damage cabinets or other items.

Noise Level

Since like other air fryers, this one involves using a fan to circulate hot air, there is some noise. However, the sound is not too loud. As the fryer prepares foods so fast, the noise won’t be so annoying at all.

Can I use oil for cooking in Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT?

Because of circulating super-hot air around the foods to make them crispy and crunchy, an air fryer doesn’t involve using too much oil, unlike the regular fryers. Conventional fryers consume 50 times more oil than this air fryer. So, an air fryer like Cosori Smart Air Fryer 5.8 QT fries delicious foods efficiently, keeping the flavor intact without much fat content.

Easy to Clean

Since the basket of this air fryer is removable and non-stick, the cleaning procedure is straightforward and easy. It doesn’t require too much effort at all. Moreover, you can also use a dishwasher to wash the air fryer basket as it is dishwasher-safe.



  • This air fryer cooks various kinds of foods superbly.
  • It cooks much faster than traditional ovens.
  • Easy cleaning process.
  • Available with a lot of functionalities at a reasonable price and hence gives excellent value for money.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • It serves you with healthy crispy foods with less fat.


  • Some users have complained about leakage of steam from the basket.


In a word, this versatile and powerful cooking tool is perfect for crispy food enthusiasts. This smart wifi air fryer would not only be beneficial and useful to you, but it would also be a nice and healthy gift for your beloved ones. If you have any confusion about the product, read our Cosori Air Fryer 5.8 QT Review again and get one of the best air fryers in 2020.

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