Coffee Vs Tea : Which Is Best?


Coffee and tea are both excellent beverages. They even have the equal amount of benefits when it comes to human health. The debate to decide which one is the better beverage has been going on for years.


Both coffee and tea contain ingredients which are beneficial for the human body and mind.  Coffee contains much more caffeine than tea.

Caffeine is great for keeping us awake, and it also provides an extra boost of energy. Tea, on the other hand, is very refreshing. Not only it cleanses our body from toxins and germs, but it also refreshes our mind and soul. Tea and coffee both are filled with anti-oxidants and provides instant energy.

Coffee vs Tea

Coffee Vs Tea : The Battle

Let’s take a look at the different properties and advantages of each beverage:


 Advantages of coffee

  • Potassium, manganese, magnesium, and niacin are some vital nutrients for the human body. All of these are present in whole grain coffee beans.
  • Consumption of coffee every day reduces the chances of developing diabetics. The reason may still be unknown, but vigorous surveys of professional scientists have found it.
  • Hepatitis and other diseases lead to cirrhosis which causes the liver to get replaced by scar tissues. This can also be prevented by drinking coffee.
  • One of the root sources that causes cancer is the cells suffering from oxidative damage. Coffee is full of anti-oxidants that help in protecting the cell, further lowering risk of cancer.
  • You have probably heard of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; these are dangerous neurodegenerative diseases. Drinking coffee significantly helps to lower chances of developing Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.
  • Coffee can astoundingly reduce stress and depression. It can even make you more productive in doing so.


Advantages of tea

  • Tea is also full of anti-oxidants that help by reducing cancer development.
  • Tea has a unique component in it called L-theanine, which helps to slow down the speed of caffeine absorption. In return, it also improves brain function.
  • Chronic inflammation is one of the significant health problems. And the polyphenol components in tea greatly aid to reduce them.
  • Blood sugar levels are lowered, and the body becomes more responsive to insulin by taking green tea. It also helps to fight many metabolic issues.
  • Green tea has catechins in them which can even kill bacteria and keep the mouth infection-free.
  • Tea can boost your adrenal glands and reduce body fatigue while also aiding in weight loss.

Both Coffee and Tea are rich with anti-oxidants and help us to fight anxiety as well. You could try to take both in different periods of time. But if have concerns about the taste and the sleep patterns you may not want to. Taste can play a vital role in determining your beverage choice.

Let’s see what determines their taste and their making procedures:

Coffee’s come in a wide variety of recipes as different people around the world prefer different types of coffee. Some prefer decaf which is caffeine free while others prefer coffee enriched with caffeine. Caffeine can also substantially determine the overall taste and flavor.  Coffee can be made using essential ingredients like coffee bean or drips, sugar, milk and coffee mates.

Adding some extra top-ups like marshmallow, whipped cream, caramel, cocoa powder for some extra flavor can make it even better. The list of elements that can be added goes on and on. The taste of coffee also varies from its origin and the way it is processed.

To make a cup of coffee, you can only add all the ingredients in a cup and give a good stir. But most professionals tend to use coffee makers. A best coffee maker with grinder make the job easy and reliable while enriching the coffee with a brilliant essence of flavor. Most coffee recipes can only be made using a coffee maker or espresso machine or even a coffee percolator.

Some people prefer hot coffee while others prefer cold coffees. The temperature can also play a role in the taste. There are hundreds of recipes to combat the different taste requirements of people ranging from sour, bitter, bland and sweet. But all coffees have a little acidic taste to it.


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Type of tea

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Tea all around the world comes from only one plant known as “Camellia Sinensis.” But it’s the way they are prepared that determines their taste and kinds. Some common types of tea that exist today are green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, tulsi tea, mate tea, rooibos tea, Pu-erh tea and yellow tea.

All of this tea is rich with anti-oxidants and provide elegant taste in every sip. There are also various ways to make them. Most people prefer their traditional procedure when it comes to making a cup of tea. Some people also love to take chilled tea.

They can have a best iced tea maker at home.

Tea without a doubt is a wondrous gift from nature. A cup of tea tastes excellent and rejuvenates the body. Tea is well known for its healing benefits since the medieval ages. Tea can also be used as an essence of fragrance to laminate your home.

By now you should have a clear idea about all the benefits of tea and coffee, their preparation procedures, types and how they taste.

Before putting forward my final judgment, let’s quickly recap the advantages of both beverages in the following picture:

As you can see both coffee and tea have many benefits to us. When it comes to taste, I shouldn’t be the one judging because different people have different tastes. And no matter what the natural taste of coffee and tea may be, taste can be altered. Taste is determined by the way they are prepared and the different components added to various recipes.

So both coffee and tea are great beverages in their unique way. Their fight will always result in a tie.