Ice Cream Maker Buying Guide – Read Before Buying

There’s nothing better than chilling on your couch and enjoying a scoop of yummy savory ice cream. But go and buy ice cream? You can never be sure whether processed can be right for you. And who knows what’s in them. If you have an ice cream machine, on the other hand, you are assured that the ice cream you are making is natural and health-friendly.

The best thing is you can experiment with any flavor you want and come up with the best recipe. The possibilities are endless, and maybe one day, we can become a master in this task. But to do that you are going to need the best ice cream maker. While there are endless varieties of ice cream makers in the market, not all are good. Some company takes shelter under false advertising just to make you buy their product. Therefore, we have come up with a genius buying guide to help you tackle these situations.

Read the buying guide below and get ready to buy the best ice cream maker:

Ice Cream Maker Buying Guide

Ice cream makers not only come in different sizes and designs but also with various functions. Here are many types of ice cream makers there are:

Ice cream makers with gel canister

Cuisinart ice-70

There are lots of ice-cream makers that are made in the form of canisters. The gel canister ice cream maker has a container that users must cool in a freezer for about 24 hours before making the ice cream. You can buy an ice-cream maker with two separate canisters that will help you to make two kinds of ice-cream at the same time.

Ice cream makers with the compressor

Whynter ICM-200LS

These ice cream makers come with a built-in freezer, also known as a compressor. Since the compressor is built-in, the cooling process will start a few minutes before the start of a new recipe. Moreover, the compressor will begin cooling again after a batch of ice cream is complete.

This will allow the maker to start making a second batch right after finishing the first one, which will, in turn, save a lot of time. These ice cream makers make the job super-efficient and a whole lot convenient.

Portable Ice cream makers

Gourmia GSI280 Automatic Ice Cream Maker

If you are an ice cream lover and have decided to go on an outdoor family picnic or a camping trip, then this is the perfect choice for you. A portable ice cream maker will let you enjoy an ice cream in the form of an ice cream ball. The process of making ice cream with this device is also straightforward. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the container and then keep rolling and shaking the ball.

Eventually, you will get your desired ice cream. This is a very handy device for making ice cream treats when you are outside or traveling and no matter where you are.

Traditional Ice cream makers

Nostalgia ICMP400WD 4-Quart Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

These conventional ice cream makers use a mixture of ice and rock salt to create the perfect consistency of ice cream. This sort of ice cream maker comes with a handle, which is also known as an electric crank.

This portion of the device is used to turn the bucket to make the ice cream. The handled crank makes the ice cream making the process a lot simpler and more comfortable. However, setting the crank requires some strength so that the procedure might be a little tiresome. The ice cream maker has an exterior bucket section as well. This section must always be packed with salt and ice for cooling.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ice-45

There are many manufacturers out there, who make machines that are capable of producing soft serve ice cream. In spite of being a little expensive, this appliance may turn out to be a great addition to your life as this is also capable of making frozen yogurt and sorbet. This ice cream maker comes with a dispenser with pouring capabilities which can be used for topping your ice cream. There is also a cone holder for making the process more convenient.

The soft-serve ice cream maker comes in various forms ranging from the classic ones which include a built-in compressor or a gel canister.

Some Factors to Consider Before Buying an Ice Cream Maker

Depending on the brand and type, an ice cream maker might be quite an expensive investment. So, before purchasing one, a buyer should consider a few factors depending on one’s needs and preferences.

Compressor Style

If you are rooting for convenience as the most crucial factor for choosing your appliance, then the compressor-style Ice cream maker can be the right choice for you. However, for large gatherings or parties, a standard unit can be more convenient since it can make up to 6 quarts at a time while the compressor or gel type ones can make 2 quarts at most.

Easy to Clean

Ice cream making can end up being messy. Thus, the ease of cleaning should also be considered. In the case of the modern electric ones, this process can be more natural as all the parts can be separated easily and then put in the dishwasher. However, the traditional ones are pretty hard to clean, and they can’t be placed in the dishwasher.


Consider the material used to make the different parts and body of the ice maker. Plastic components that are flexible should be avoided to avoid breakage during use. For example, the paddle of the device has to go through the most stress during the ice cream making process. Thus, it is essential that this part is made of something hard and durable.


Another essential thing to be considered is the storage space of one’s kitchen. Since the ice cream making device is quite big and bulky, moving it from a cabinet to a countertop for using is quite a hassle. Thus, a fixed countertop space should be there for the device, and it should not affect the space.

Final Word

While you are out there looking over the internet or searching in-store, you might find some exciting ice-cream makers that will promise you a heavenly taste, don’t fall for that old marketing technique. You have to know precisely what you are buying when you purchase.

We are about to end our article, but we hope you received enough information from this Ice Cream Maker Buying Guide. Get ready to serve the most fantastic ice-cream to your friends, family, and neighborhood by buying the best ice cream maker.