12 Best Pizza Stone Reviews with Buying Guide 2020

Hey there, pizza lovers! A good day to you all! We all know the best part of eating a pizza is making one ourselves. And there is no better way to make pizza than to bake it in the best pizza stone.

Best Pizza Stone

The pizza stone is a piece of flat, slender stone that heats up quite efficiently. Yes, metal works great too, but metal is more inductive and transfers more heat. If you like crunchy pizzas, then it can be an excellent option.

But if you are the type of person who has a lust for thick, moist, fluffy baked pizzas then consent to get a good quality pizza stone. These stones are mostly made of dense low heat inductive materials.

Remember the best pizza stone is non-sticky and can be cleaned quite easily. They won’t even get many stains and will never corrode.

Let’s have a look at our recommended pizza stone reviews which will ostensibly help you pick the right one for you. Pick any of our recommended products and I guarantee you too will become a master pizza maker.

Best Pizza Stone Reviews of 2020

They come in an array of types and textures and sizes. Size is the primary factor here as different sizes of stone need ranging times of preheating. You can’t just put the stone on top of the broiler and set the pizza on. You need to preheat until it obtains a substantial heat level before you start baking.

Imminently, the thicker the stone is, the more preheat is needed. The average time for preheating is 30 minutes. Here are the reviews of 12 the Top-rated Pizza Stones of 2020 only for you:

1. Pizzacraft PC9899: The Best Pizza Stone

Pizzacraft PC9899 20-Inch by 13.5-Inch

Get ready to make mouth-watery pizzas at home with the Pizza craft PC9899 Pizza Stone. Thermal Shock Resistant and natural FDA safe materials make it super resistant to extreme conditions and highly durable.

This one is perfect for cooking pizza and even versatile enough for baking bread, pastries, and other bakery items as well. Grab one here on Amazon.com.

No matter what you cook or bake you will end up with astounding results. You can maintain it effortlessly and clean it with a swipe from a wet cloth. It is durable and ductile enough to bare temperatures of extreme levels and will remain in on the piece for years to come.

2. Old Stone 4461 Round Pizza Stone For Oven

Old Stone 4461 16-Inch Round Oven Pizza Stone

Now here is a pizza stone that doesn’t know how to disappoint you. It is made from the same firebrick materials that line furnaces and impacts heaters.

So, you can already comprehend its quite tough. Rooted with the same skill of old stone broilers it makes the pizza of unmatched deliciousness. The stone warms up moderately and locks it in, so pizzas stay warm for the longest time.

If you are planning for any house party or a small get-together event than this stone is a perfect option for making quick and exquisite pizza. Grab this fantastic Pizza Stone here on Amazon.com.

3. Old Stone Pizza Stone For Oven

Old Stone Oven 14.5-Inch by 16.5-Inch

So many of us have tried to conquer the ability to make pizzas like the ones featured in magazines and high rated food shows. But the result ended with utter disappointment.

Maybe because most of us tend to make pizza using a microwave. Microwaves require the perfect set of temperature and time and a few other requirements.

So a great alternative to naturally bake pizza is through the Old Stone rectangular pizza stone. You can even cook steak, long French baguettes, and other artisanal bread using this versatile stone.

This stone is handmade and manufactured in the USA.  High-grade construction gives it the ability to withstand extreme heat and pressure. You can get this stone here on Amazon.com.


4. Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone

Good Cook 14.75 Inch

Good cook somehow manages to come up with exceptional quality pizza stones. This one is about 14.75 Inch Round; a legal size for baking pizza and other bakery items.

The stone warms uniformly, so pizza gets equivalent heat all around and cooks elegantly.

A well-made baking stone is an ideal choice for the individuals who complain about their pizza not turning out as they want it to, and trust me this one is a perfect choice.  Grab one here on Amazon.com.


 5. Emile Henry Made In France Flame Top Ceramic Stone

 Emile Henry Made in France Flame Top Pizza Stone

Prepare your most loved nourishment to flawlessness with the Emile Henry BBQ Ceramic. This baking stone is made from the highest quality materials. It is safe to use on the oven, gas, charcoal, or wood grills and heat up to 90 degrees F. The shining stone is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

This ceramic pizza stone is excellent for preparing warm and crunchy moist pizza fast and conveniently. It additionally comes with a handle to carry easily use and carry. Grab one here on Amazon.com.

6. Pizzacraft 16.5″ Round ThermaBond For Grill

Pizza craft 15" Square Pizza Stone - For Oven or Grill

With the Pizzacraft baking stone, you will experience the same nature of sustenance heating like that of a professional baker.

You can put it in any type of block lined broiler in your home kitchen with convenience. Preparing stones are highly advantageous for warming and re-warming solidified pizza and packaged products instantly.

This stone requires no flavoring or molding and is warm stun safe. This pizza pan comes with certified reliability, and you can count on it on any pizza baking day. Grab one here on Amazon.com.

7. Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic Stone

Heritage 15 inch Black Ceramic

The Heritage Ceramic Pizza Stone has a well-known reputation for baking pizza in a breeze.

The black ceramic baking stone has a non-stick surface of clay coating which will keep your pizza from getting scrapped or smudged.

It also wipes up effortlessly making it easy to maintain. It comes with a Pizza cutter. The robust quality construction enables it to endure heat and pressure for a lifetime without any unnecessary splits. Grab one here on Amazon.com.

8. Pizza Stone 12″ x 15″ Rectangular Baking & Grilling Stone

Pizza Stone 12" x 15" Rectangular Baking & Grilling Stone

The best baking and grilling stone is built with an innovative dual-faced & 4 handle design. And there is a reason we have saved this for the last. The size and thickness of this baking stone are optimum for any baking. The food-grade stoneware won’t smudge, break, and can be cleaned easily. It can stand up to 1400℉ and that’s really the robust thermal stability.

It has a very smooth surface giving you superior convenience while cooking. Anything you can look for in a pizza baking stone has been integrated into this one. Perfect for Oven, Grill, and BBQ. Pick one up here on Amazon.com.

9. VonShef 15” Ceramic Set Pizza Stone With Stand

VonShef 15 Inch

For people who take pizza making very seriously, the VonShef Ceramic Pizza Stone is a must-have. It is ideal for making pizzas conveniently with a professional finish.

This is also great for preparing baked bread, treats, rolls, and steaks as well. A useful clay plate sustains the hot and crisp aspect of the pizza offering a delicious taste.

It has non-stick properties for maintaining its inherent quality and is impervious to high temperatures. It has an average diameter of 15″; a standard size for baking pizza. The most exciting feature is it comes with a chrome stand. Grab yours here on Amazon.com.

10. Chef’s Star 15″ Ceramic Pizza Stone and Cutter Combo

ChefGÇÖs Star 15GǦ Ceramic

Chef’s Star has a great appreciation for your pizza making desires. And with top gratitude, they have introduced their excellent Ceramic pizza stone.

When it comes to making tasty pizza and performance, this pizza baking stone is stunning like a bee. It won’t quit serving and satisfying you until your taste buds have enough delicious pizza.

This stone distributes warmth equally which is great for making fresh crusts. Feel free to use it for any other type of cooking and baking items too. It is one of the best pizza stone for creating crispy crust pizzas. Grab yours here on Amazon.com.

11. Cuisinart CPS-013 Alfrescamore

Cuisinart CPS-013 AlfrescamoreThis 3/4″ thick Cordierite pizza stone is a member of the big leagues. At 13″ in diameter, it is quite compact but doesn’t lack in performance.

With this one, you have the full privilege of making various sizes of pizzas. You can buy this pizza-making stone for making as much as pizzas you want even for a large party. Trust me it won’t wear out it will just keep warming up. You can grab one for yourself here on Amazon.com.

12. Emile Henry Flame Top Pizza Stone

"EmileThe Emile Henry Pizza stone is one of the lightest pizza-making stones on our list. This property makes it great to carry, use, maneuver, and store efficiently.

It even has incorporated handles for easy transportation. This versatile pizza stone is super non-stick, so you don’t have to worry about grease or other stingy materials giving you a hard time.

After baking the pizza, you can quickly wipe it up like butter due to its smooth surface. You can even cut the pizza on its surface and remain assured it won’t get any marks or scratches. Pick one up here on Amazon.com.

Know Before Buying a Pizza Stone

With a pizza stone, it can become a lot convenient for you to bake one. The process is natural and less harmful than a microwave. So it is also a healthy choice. But things can always go wrong if you are not satisfied with the pizza stone you have. It is crucial you own the best baking stone which has the right texture, build-up materials, weight and shape, and size adequate for your assessment.

Below I will be giving out some key factors to you regarding this matter which will help you buy the perfect stone for making pizza. These following things can come to your help.


Pizza stones should be thick enough to maintain a moderate amount of soothing heat equally all around its surface. The thickness is also mandatory to keep long-lasting durability and dexterity. A good amount of depth also ensures that it can sustain a lot of heat and pressure.

It is easy to heat a stone evenly if that is thick which is inevitable for a well-baked pizza. You will find pizza baking stones of different thicknesses in the market. But thick stones are quite heavy and can be hard to carry and adjust. So buy one that better soothes your weight and heat requirements.

Size and shape:

The size of the baking stone is like a guideline for your pizza dough. Usually, most pizza stones come in a round shape which is a standard shape. Such a shape easily fits almost easily in any broiler. But they also come in an array of shapes.

You may have an oven or broiler that is not big enough or of the right shape to accumulate large stones with its unique shape. So pay close attention to the measurements and shapes before buying.


There are many materials from which pizza baking stones are made from. But different materials induce different temperatures of heat. While it is crucial for a pizza to be cooked at a constant medium temperature, some elements may not work much well.

In the end, it depends on your choice of pizza texture. If you want a soft, moist, and crunchy pizza go for claystone rather than the metallic ones.

How to clean your pizza baking stone?

  • Let the stone cool off entirely after use or for faster cooling pour some cold water over it.
  • Once it is cooled, scrub it thoroughly with a scrubber and stone cleaning liquid. Then, rinse thoroughly with mildly warm water.
  • If there are some leftover clingy material or food debris stuck to it, then use a knife to scrape it vigorously. Don’t worry even if it gets scrape marks it won’t matter much.


  • Don’t let the stone sit on water for too long as they are highly permeable.
  • Cover the stone with a dry towel to suck in excess water and then let it dry under the open sky.

What more can you ask for?

What makes pizza stone so special is the fact that it heats up moderately. It distributes the equal amount of heat slowly and gently. This soothing heat is crucial for a well-baked pizza.


We are about to end our fascinating article concerning pizza stone. Whether you like it or don’t pizza baking stones are fantastic products and great for making pizzas on the go.

So far we have already reviewed some of the best pizza stones you can get your hands on. We have studied hundreds of customer reviews and consulted with many professionals regarding pizza stones to bring you the above products. All of these pizza pans are of the highest grade and promises a delightful pizza whenever you use it.

We hope you liked our review and are excited for many more reviews that are on the way.

Till then stay tuned and happy shopping to you all. And don’t forget always to pick wisely.

Thank you!