What is the best CFM for range hood?

If you are going to build or model your kitchen, one essential component you should set is a range hood. This machine is a vent fan enclosed in a canopy, and it is installed directly above the range, stove or cooktop. It is a useful device that eliminates unhealthy airborne grease, fumes, gas, odor, steam, etc.

Thus it improves the air quality inside your kitchen. It not only keeps the indoor environment of a kitchen fresh and immaculate but also beautifies the look of a kitchen.

The quality of hood ranges measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The efficiency of a kitchen range hood depends on the CFM range. Choosing the best CFM for range hood is the most important thing before buying a range hood.

what is the best cfm for range hood

In this article, we will focus on the factors determining a good kitchen vent hood.

What is the Best CFM for Range Hoods?


One of the crucial things you should consider before buying a range hood is the size of the machine. Since the range hood stays above the stove or oven, the range hood size depends on the size of the stove. Hence, the bigger the stove is, the bigger the range hood should be.

The manufacturer provides a recommendation on ventilation requirements. The amount of air extracted from a given area is measured in a unit called CFM (cubic feet per minute).

For best performance, keep a distance of 20-24 inches between the hood and cooktop.

Fan Size and Quality

The quality of the fan in a range hood matters a lot. Blower fans resembling hamster wheels perform better than bladed fans. The fan of an excellent range hood should have the capacity to move 100 CFM for every 12 inches of the stove width.

Therefore, if your stove is 30 inches wide, then you should look for a kitchen vent having a fan that rotates at 250 CFM of air.

factors to determine before buying a range hood

Range Hood Strength

If you cook a lot and your cooking extracts excessive odor and steam, you should opt for buying a range hood with higher CFM. We recommend a range hood with 350 CFM.


A bigger range hood usually features a less powerful fan. This kind of fan cannot resist the amount of noise when powered. Therefore, to get the best performance without noise, you can install a powerful fan in the range hood with variable speed control.

There is a unit called sone, which is used to measure the sound produced by a range hood. For example, the sound that a running refrigerator makes is equal to 1 sone. A range hood with a high degree of CFM also has high sone.

Selecting the Best CFM for Range Hood based on BTU

BTU or British thermal unit is a measurement of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by degree Fahrenheit. Before buying a range hood, a general rule should be followed. That rule is to select 1 CFM for every 100 BTU of total burner output.

Therefore, if the burner has an output of 35,000 BTU, the measurement of CFM should be 350 CFM. So, divide the BTU count by 100 to get the perfect count of CFM of the range hood.

To sum up, a vent hood is undoubtedly a useful and necessary tool in our kitchen. But if you buy a range hood without considering the CFM, you may not get your desired rest. So, based on your budget, requirements, preferences, noise convenience, etc., choose the best CFM of a range hood and then buy it.