5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen: You Must Know

Nobody has that much time to clean kitchen these days. Working couples have a really hard time to clean up the kitchen and they want to clean it as fast as they can.

It’s not every day that you get a vacation. When you do, make use of it to clean up your house and the most important part of it. The kitchen is what feeds you.

Not literally of course, but you make food there. If we are wrong, then we’re pretty sure this article is not for you.

5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen

A clean kitchen invites a cook and welcomes anyone who wants to try. If you keep it dirty and unhygienic, you may never want to enter the world of cooking and have to order food from the restaurants. We will walk you through these 5 easy steps to clean up the essential parts of your kitchen. Of course, you can’t clean the whole kitchen in a day, but if you follow these 5 steps, then you will create a clean environment for your cooking.

Clean up the counters

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Whenever someone enters the kitchen, the first thing they will notice is the counter. You cut your veggies, meat on it. Make sandwich over it and leave crumbles all over the counter. In order to clean your kitchen, you must clean all the counters first.

Remove all the appliances from the top of it and clean it up with necessary cleaning agents. Clean up the bloodstains with bleach and wash it away with some soap and scrubs.

Don’t forget to clean up the sink as well

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When you’re done with the counters, wear a pair of gloves and go all titanic over the sink. Clean up the sink drain entrance. All the crumbs of bread, parts of your food, hair will cause the drainage system to fail.

It might feel a little disgusting to clean it up but it’s for the better reasons. You don’t have to worry about calling a plumber when your sink is clogged or install a garbage disposal. So better safe than sorry.

Mop up the floor

Your floor might be the second dirtiest thing in the kitchen. You might be a clean freak but your kitchen floor doesn’t get scared because of it. You walk all over the kitchen while you are cooking, you leave behind the footsteps of a dirty floor.

Pick up a mop, dip it into the bucket of soapy water and start mopping away. It might sound that you need a whole day to mop up a kitchen floor but trust us, it doesn’t. It will take you 15-20 minutes if you want to reach all the corners and below the counters.

Clean up your oven

You use this appliance more than your bed. The splatters in the oven are sticky and will mess up the system. People take their oven to get it fixed and most of the time because they left the oven messed up with their food.

5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen

To clean up your oven, use a bowl. Fill it up with lemon water for the smell and detergent to clean it up. Put it in the oven and heat it up for a minute. The vapor will clean it up right away.

Empty the trash can and take it outside

The last thing and you must finish this step because you don’t want all the garbage to stink up your kitchen. You need to put all the trash, week old papers, and spoiled food in the kitchen and put it in a bag and take it outside. The odor will go away as soon as you take the trash away.

These are the shortest and quickest way to clean up your kitchen. Make time for the most valuable part of your house. Give it one day of the month and have a clean kitchen for the rest of it. A clean environment will welcome and encourage you to cook often. These cleaning tips will guide you all the way.

Have a clean kitchen and happy cooking!