15 Kitchen Safety Tips You Must Know

The kitchen can undoubtedly be termed as the most dangerous room in the house. You are not only dealing with sharp knives and large and heavy utensils which can be the reason for injuries, but there are also extremely hot surfaces, fire and boiling liquids which can cause serious accidents in a matter of seconds.

Considering your safety, we have come up with a list of 15 Kitchen Safety Tips which will help you enhance the safety of your kitchen. These Safety tips will make your life a lot easier because it will help because less accidents in your kitchen and you definitely don’t want that.

15 Kitchen Safety Tips You Must Know

Wear Safe Clothing:

Wearing safe clothes is one of the most important things you should consider before entering the kitchen. Clothes with long and flow sleeves can make you clumsy and cause accidents.

Don’t wear clothes with any flammable fabric such as synthetic as it melts onto your skin if it catches fire. Also, always wear covered shoes to kitchen to avoid getting hurt or burnt in case something drops on your foot.

Use Hot Pads and Oven Mitts:

Always keep hot pads and oven mitts near your working area. Use them every time you touch a hot pan or get something out from the oven. No matter how long a pot was on the stove or in the oven for, it can get pretty hot in a very small amount of time and you can end up burning yourself!


Keep Kids Away:

Unless you are teaching your children to learn how to cook, keep your kids away from the kitchen area.

The kitchen can be a very dangerous place for the kids as they can easily get burnt or cut. Not only that, the kids can be a distraction while working in the kitchen and you might end up injuring yourself while trying to look after them and cook at the same time.

Also, be sure to keep your pets away from that area too. You might trip on them while carrying heavy utensils.

Do not Rush:

Unless you are a pro and pretty confident about your cooking skills, do not rush around the kitchen. Cut food slowly and carefully. Do not run around the kitchen as you might trip on something. Most importantly, take your time while lifting hot pans and moving them from one place to another. If it is too heavy for you, take help from someone. Trying to save a few minutes by rushing can end up costing hours in the hospital.

Learn to Handle Knives:

Knives are undoubtedly the most deadly tool in the kitchen. So working with them can be very tricky and a little mistake or distraction can cause a big accident. Therefore, learn to handle them properly before using them. Make sure the knife is sharp enough. A dull or blunt knife can slip while cutting hard surfaces and cut your finger instead. If you are shaky or clumsy with the knife, go slow and pay attention. Always make sure that the knife is in your dominant hand and the food is held tightly with fingers curled under, with the other hand.

Stir While keeping the Spoon Away From your Body:

One of the most common kitchen accidents is getting second degree burn while stirring boiling food. To avoid this, always use a slotted spoon and place it in such a way so that the bowl is faced away from you. This away, if you accidentally jerk your hands due to the heat, boiling liquid wont scoop toward you.

Clean Up Spills:

Make sure you clean up spills as soon as they occur. This not only helps it come off easily, but will save you from slipping on the spill and hurting yourself.

Also, be careful while using cooking spray. Often the spray falls on the floor and makes it greasy, stepping on which can guarantee a fall. You can hold the pan on the kitchen sink and then spray on it, to prevent it from reaching the floor.

Be Careful while Lifting:

Working in the kitchen might often involve lifting big pans full of hot water or food. Be very careful while lifting these since a small slip of the hand can cause a big accident! Use both your hands and grip tightly. Most importantly, know your limits. If something is too heavy for you, don’t try lifting it without someone’s help.

Watch Out for Steam:

Hot steam can cause major burns. So be extremely careful before taking off the lid from cooked or microwaved food. Keep your face far away from the pot and remember to use hot pads.

Know Your Equipment Properly:

Read the instruction manual that comes with an appliance carefully before using it. Avoid using faulty appliances with frayed cords. Make sure every part is clean and dry before using it. While washing, protect your hand and don’t brush your fingers against the blades as they can be very sharp.

Learn to Extinguish Fire:

Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Also, make sure you have proper knowledge on how to operate it.

Fires can be of different types depending on their origin. In case of electric or grease fire, use fire extinguisher, salt or baking soda. NEVER use water as it will trigger the fire.

Another great way of extinguishing fire is covering the area with a pot cover. This will block out the air and eventually put out the fire.

Stop, Drop and Roll:

The “Stop, Drop and Roll” method is one of the most effective methods of putting out fire, in case it catches your cloth or body. Have proper knowledge on how to do it and teach your children about it. Also, you can do a drill to practice this every once in a while.

Do Not Leave Food Unattended:

Never get out of the house leaving your food on the stove or in the oven.

While cooking or baking, make sure you stay near the kitchen area. Within a few minutes, your food can turn from brown, to burnt and eventually burst into flames.

Clean the Kitchen Before Leaving:

Once you are done working in the kitchen, make sure you have turned off all the electrical appliances and gas stoves. Wash every spills and keep all the bowls and utensils in their respective places after they dry. Clean the microwave properly and dry it using paper towel.

Keep First Aid Kit in the Kitchen:

Despite of being careful, accidents might occur at any time. Therefore, keep a first aid box including up to date medicines, gauge, band aids, burn cream etc. Keep the box in an easily accessible place and make sure everyone in the house knows about it.

In spite of the potential dangers, the kitchen can be a pretty fun place for people who love and enjoy cooking. As the saying goes “a stitch in time, saves nine”, a little bit of caution and carefulness can end up saving you from major accidents. We hope these tips come in handy for you and help you keep your kitchen safer. Happy cooking!