10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips You Must Know

Tired of working in the same old kitchen? How about shaking things up a little and giving it a new look? Because, as we all know, the kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room of the house, since it is where all the FOOD is made!

Therefore, your kitchen deserves to be groomed and pampered every once in a while. So if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, here are a few tips to help you get started!

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips You Must Know

Clean up!

Clean Up

We often tend pile up unnecessary things like plastic bottles, ice-cream containers, soda cans etc. in the hope that it might come to use in future. Thus, get rid of anything, which has not been used in the past 6 months!

Also, either fix or throw away anything that is broken or too old to be used. “Remember the clean kitchen is the best kitchen.”

Install kitchen cabinets

Install kitchen cabinets

Cabinets and top shelves can save plenty of ground space in the kitchen. The various compartments inside them can be custom made according to their respective purpose.

Make sure that the drawer slides and hinges are of top-quality so that the cabinet doors stay closed, and the drawers don’t stick. It is essential as you can store almost everything here from ice cream scoop to baking cups.

Try Open shelving:

Try Open shelving

Open shelves can be used to keep things which are most frequently used while cooking, such as containers of salt, pepper, oil, etc. Unblocked shelving and no upper cabinet can also make your kitchen look larger.

Open kitchen shelves plays important role in kitchen remodeling. Just be sure to choose them based on your need.

Hang pots and pans:

Hang pots and pans

In order to free up cupboard space, a pot rack can be used to hang pots, pans etc. In spite of giving your kitchen an antique look, it will make these items more easily accessible while cooking!

Once again, hang this hooks to easily accessible places.

Reduce wasted steps:

Reduce wasted

Give a thought to how and where each kitchen items are used and place them accordingly. For example, keep breakfast bowls, cereal box, and butter knives near the breakfast table, store wraps and plastic containers near the working surface in order to store left-overs etc.

Keep mixing bowls, pop over pan and flour sifter near the oven for quick baking.

Shorten your cleaning time:

Shorten your cleaning time
Thoughtful decisions while designing can make cleaning easier and thus reduce your cleaning time to a great extent! Choose a refrigerator with glass shelves instead of wired shelves because, the glass ones can catch spills which the latter lets through.

Flush-set sinks are better as they don’t have a crumb catching rim and you won’t have to worry about clogging. Also, choosing Matt finishes to show very less dirt than the glossy ones.

Paint with lighter shades:

Paint with lighter shades

In case you have a small kitchen area, choose a light shade of color to make it look bigger and more inviting! Use soft shades on the cabinets and make sure you get plenty of natural light to visually expand the room.

Stick to the basics: A must for kitchen Remodeling

Instead of crowding the kitchen with lots of gadgets and appliances, select only a few reliable basics. Multipurpose appliances can also serve the purpose.

You can also consider installing a commercial-quality stainless-steel range, as it takes up less space than separate ovens and cooktops.



The kitchen flooring should not only be pleasing to the eyes but also, be practical. Most people avoids carpeting the kitchen floor because it is not suitable for a place where spills are most likely to occur.

Though laminate floor is a more economic choice, hardwood floors have recently become more popular.

Lighting and ventilation:

Lighting and ventilation
Lighting can be a very tricky issue when it comes to the kitchen. Cabinets and top shelves can get often end up blocking the light source. Thus, lights have to be placed in proper places in order to ensure sufficient lighting in every area.

Since cooking involves a lot of smoke and heat, proper ventilation must be ensured. Therefore, the kitchen must have an exhaust fan, kitchen range hood or a kitchen chimney to get rid of the smoke and grease.