10 Kitchen Decor Tips You Must Know!

Are you redecorating? Or decorating on your own kitchen for the first time? Don’t spend all your money on the interior designer! Designing and decorating can be expensive on their own and can blow a hole in your budget plan.

10 Kitchen Decor Tips You Must Know!

With a little bit of grease on your pants and sweat on your head you can decorate your kitchen in no time! Lights, color, furniture, hardwood and wall hangings are confusing to put up with at the same time. It may sound tougher than it really is! With a little bit of DIY (Do it yourself) tips, you will have the ease to get into it right away!

Let us introduce you to our little secrets. With these tips you can decorate on a tight budget and have your own dream kitchen right away! Here are the 10 Kitchen Décor Tips You Must Know!

Plan your way before beginning all the work

Firstly you need to plan how you will be beginning your work. You may find yourself stuck with half the plans and half the kitchen with nonrefundable kitchen tables!

Look at your kitchen and imagine how it’s going to look like. If you can’t, don’t worry, there are magazines and google to make you imagine your perfect kitchen.

After you have imagined your kitchen, break it down to small parts. Find your desired floor, furniture, paint color, accessories and decoration. Then calculate your cost to have an idea about increasing or saving your budget.

Be truthful to yourself or you might find yourself running out of credit cards!

Remember to allocate space for your storage

The common mistake that every new designer makes is that they forget to have some storage facility for their pots and pans. Easy access to your storage can make your kitchen feel like less amateur decor.

Find space to put overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling, rather than having a gap which can collect dust if you leave it there. Having deep drawers for those big bowls and pans can save you the trouble of cluttering.

Re-decorate with what you already have

As you begin your work of remodeling your kitchen, never forget the things that were already there for you. You can repurpose them to place in a new position, with a new look.

Chances are that you might find yourself motivated through this rearrangement. You might have hardwood floor carpeted with an old rug. Take away the rug and expose the floor and polish them to find yourself to a brand new environment.

If you are still confused, why don’t you go online and find a DIY guide for your own research. You can ask a designer friend or handyman for suggestions.

Light up your kitchen to light up your cooking

You might want to put up lights, so here’s the top tip for you. The light goes over the counter, not behind you. Having a light behind your back while you are cutting on the counter can create a shadow that will put effect to your cooking.

You need lights that are positioned in front of you but not directed to your face. Under cabinet lights are great because they directly falls on your counter.


Fill your empty spaces with furniture

The best way to redecorate is to buy new furniture. They last long and they are useful, so why not buy a lot of them?

Be careful though, your budget may run tight because you start spending too much on it. Buy small but quality furniture for the looks and the price.

Furniture will define your kitchen room, so buy carefully and decorate your kitchen with modern or old fashioned wooden ones! With a single glance you might find yourself satisfied with the way it looks.

Don’t forget to put power plugs in the right places

Because of having a clustered kitchen, you might find yourself with all the appliances with no power. To avoid that, you need to plan your way into the power as well.

Get your handyman to put plugs in the right places, so that they don’t cause too much trouble. Also don’t forget to find the perfect plumbing place to put the sink in as well as the kitchen faucet! Having a little bit space can save you the trouble of both power and expenditure of calling the handymen over and over again.

Shop at discounts or buy secondhand items

To save your budget from crashing down and causing you to rethink your decoration skills, look for the items you need at a store with discount or buy secondhand items online.

Spend your time at flea market, garage sales, and local thrift shops and ask your friends or family members if they have anything useful. Keep your eyes open for auctions and yard sales and the businesses that are going out.

Before you buy anything, you might want to think a lot about the quality before the style. Look for items that look comparatively new and the ones that don’t have rusts all over it.


Color your kitchen

You know what’s cheap? Color! When you are in the shop for paints, you may find that it is cheaper that other elements at your kitchen. Color your kitchen in a way so that it looks high-end.

Pick a few of your favorite colors and rethink the way that you have pictured it. Does it go well with your furniture? Go online and find different colored kitchen for your vivid imagination.

Don’t forget the designer rule of coloring! 60-30-10 rule is there to select the shades of your kitchen. 60% of your walls should be filled with dominant colors, 30% of it with secondary and the rest with a bolder color.

Have clean air in your kitchen

So you must have a cooking unit! You have a kitchen after all! Have your stove at a place that the air might go out the window or have a ventilator if you are living in an apartment.

Ventilation is important, it keeps you cool while you cook and keeps your magnificent cooking odor goes right outside, where there are people to crave for it.

Don’t forget to buy a ventilator that is quiet and efficient.

Find yourself a student designer

If you don’t know where to start or if you are stuck at any of these DIY tips, you can look around a university and grab an undergraduate designer student to do the rest of those work.

Students are often good at designing with their bold style and lesser cost. There are hundreds of student designers looking for work. Hire someone with experience. Make a deal with a signed agreement and have a delightful conversation with them. Ask for advice or let them know your preference. Don’t forget to ask for their opinions!

Redecorating or decorating a new kitchen might look really hard. But in reality, these tips will help you understand that it’s not that scary. At the end of the day you will find yourself satisfied because you made it look this way. Good luck and don’t forget to thank us when you have your perfect kitchen!

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