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How To Make Incredible Homemade Bread

November 6, 2017
home made bread

Technically, there is nothing wrong with the bread that you can buy at the store. However, once you discover the joys of bread making, you will no doubt be hooked.

At first, the process of baking bread at home can seem a little bit overwhelming since there are so many steps involved. After you do it a few times, however, you will quickly get the hang of it.

In fact, you may even find that you actually enjoy it.

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Tips & Hacks

6 Kitchen Energy Saving Tips, Nobody Told You Before

November 1, 2017

The kitchen is home to some of the most energy demanding appliances and applications. Unless one is careful enough, he/she could end up using up or waste lots of energy, unknowingly. Discussed below are a few tips and ways you can lower your carbon footprint and possibly, lower energy bills.

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Tips & Hacks

Best Herbs To Grow on your Windowsill

October 16, 2017

The good thing about herbs is that they are delicious and easy to plant. Starting your own personal herb garden is a good way for novice gardeners to begin cultivating their own produce. Here is a look at some of the best herbs I think beginners should start growing.


Sage is an excellent cooking herb and one that is relatively easy to grow. However, it is important to note that it does not like wet ground. As such, it is advisable that you plant it in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight and that has well-drained and fertile soil.

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Tips & Hacks

Tips On How To Design A Better Kitchen

October 1, 2017
kitchen remodeling

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways of designing a space that can meet your needs. Because of the fact that you use the kitchen for eating, entertaining and other daily activities, it is good to ensure that you create a kitchen design that is better tailored to your needs.

Companies offering kitchen renovation services near Dutchess County can install new countertops, cabinets and other essential elements in your new space. It is important to consider the following when designing your kitchen:

Kitchen design

Storage is usually an important part of any kitchen design. Therefore, regardless of the size of your kitchen, ensure that you include plenty of storage in your plans, be it a smaller space or a large open space.

A good company can help you create fully customized cabinets that have special storage areas for your dishes, appliances, and cookware and so on. Creating plenty of storage will help ensure that your kitchen remains tidy and clutter free.

kitchen remodeling

Create a Focal Point

Kitchens can often be quite a boring space, however, this doesn’t need to be the case. It’s a good idea to add a nice focal point to space this can really lift the decor in the kitchen and also be something that impresses visitors. A water wall, like this from Luxe Water Walls can be a fine thing to add to the room.

Include plenty of countertops

When preparing or enjoying a meal with your family, your countertops will act as workspaces for all your kitchen activities. Having plenty of countertop space in your design will enable you to comfortably work in your new kitchen. Most of the kitchen designs nowadays include islands, which add large amounts of counter space to the kitchen area.

Consider your appliance layout carefully

If you want to build a smarter kitchen, it is good that you think ahead about how your space will flow together as you are cleaning, cooking and completing other tasks. Many kitchen designers recommend placing the refrigerator, stove, and kitchen sink in a triangular pattern.

The right appliance layout is important as it will streamline your kitchen activities while also offering plenty of space to work and move. Do you need help with your kitchen planning process? If the answer is a big yes, then it is a good idea to contact a team of kitchen remodeling experts near you.

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Tips & Hacks

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Baking Substitutions

September 10, 2017

Holy f***ing crap, I am out of baking powder! Oh, Shit only an egg left! No tomato sauce? Oh no! That’s the situation we all had experienced a couple of time in our life. Trust me; we will experience those craps again and again.

Missing a vital ingredient in the middle of a dish sucks. You have to pause your cooking and borrow some from your neighbor otherwise you have to go to the grocery shop. The dish is already underway; you have no other option than to finish it.

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Tips & Hacks

How to Vacuum Your Kitchen in 15 Minutes

June 26, 2017

It’s always essential to remove all carpet dents and freshen up the air in your kitchen on a weekly basis to reduce germs and lower the risk of suffering any foodborne sickness.

A good vacuum cleaner can draw in over 99% of dust and dirt. It also works well for eliminating dry debris sticking to your stovetop through the crevices. But before making your kitchen smell good again with a vacuum, there are several tips for you to learn!

Keep Pet Fur from Piling Up

For any household that has pets allowed on the beds, usually cats and dogs, they can use a lightweight handheld vacuum for pet hair to make it easier for the whole kitchen cleanup. This is also useful for cutting down the amount of pet hair that ends up in hard-to-reach spots in your kitchen.

Make sure to invest in a decent quality vacuum with strong suction. According to ASPCA, a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter is highly recommended. It makes sure the dirt won’t have any chances to release back into the air.


Besides, don’t forget some necessary attachments below:

  • Crevice attachment: It has one narrow end to clean through every hard-to-reach corner. If your rectangle one can’t get into, then a crevice tool is exactly what you need. Use it to vacuum on door jambs and hinges.
  • Brush attachment: Find a long and soft-bristled attachment so that you can deal with little surfaces. If your vacuum is built with changeable suction, it’s best to avail it for more fragile objects such as knick-knacks.
  • Extension wand: It enables you to reach and clear out dust from your kitchen ceilings, corners, and even deep behind other appliances.
  • Scrubbing attachment: The hard bristles of this attachment allow you to scrub the fur into a ball on furniture so that it feels easier to get vacuumed up!

Vacuum Your Stovetop

When it comes to cleaning up stovetops, we’d like you to use a vacuum whenever you notice that your kitchen gets dusty and surrounded by many burnt crumbs. Again, there is the same challenge you must go through: wipe them up without pushing them into any crack or crevice.

Don’t miss getting a brush attachment for your vacuum to clean over your stovetop, then wait to feel amazed at how clean it looks later. It’ll suck up the most stubborn crumbs that you can’t remove with a sponge. Also, ensure to get a hose attachment for your vacuum to say goodbye to bits forever.

Remove Dust and Gunk from the Back of Your Fridge

Fridge maintenance involves how you vacuum annoying coils dangling on the back or at the bottom of the refrigerator. Keep clearing out them twice a year since it can help your fridge not to work too hard to maintain the insides as cold as possible.


What you’ll prepare:

  • Vacuum cleaner with crevice and brush attachment
  • Paintbrush
  • A piece of old cloth

After unplugging your fridge and detecting the coils, you can start sticking the vacuum in there for deeper cleaning. You just can’t upend it, so the best way to do here is to find a grate and put the vacuum in. After removing the dust from these coils with a brush, just vacuum the dust.

During this process, you should use a brush attachment on your cleaner hose. Besides, a crevice gear might come in handy in this circumstance. After that, use a paintbrush to get rid of every bit of dirt that your vacuum couldn’t catch from the start. Simply poke around nooks and crannies to clean it up as much as possible.

Note: Most of the vacuums nowadays are not designed to be used on wet surfaces. So, make sure the surfaces you’re going to clean are dry.

Let’s save more time and energy cleaning up your kitchen floor, kitchen sink, range hoodstovetop, and appliances with a vacuum cleaner. It does all the hard work for you thanks to the great convenience and flexibility.

As compared to the classic sweeping, eliminating dust and dirt in your house without polluting the atmosphere is what a vacuum does better!

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Tips & Hacks

Wikigains’ 2017 Holiday Shopping Forecast

February 20, 2017

According to Wikigains, one of the oldest voucher websites in the United Kingdom, the 2017 Christmas spending will be the biggest in retail history.

Food stores have another reason to celebrate because digital sales are projected to rise by 25 per cent. Modern customers are increasing their use of smaller devices (iPhones and iPads) when shopping. Gen Xs, the generation immediately following the Millennials, now representative of the largest demographic in the UK, are avid mobile users. Because of that, the use of mobiles when buying food or other things for the kitchen has grown nearly 25%. The majority of online shopping is now conducted through smartphones.

According to Alex Papaconstantinou, founder of, these are the 9 trends expected to affect this holiday shopping:

  1. In brick-and-mortar stores, customers will prefer to have the fast, pain-free shopping experience they get when shopping online. They will also want WiFi in stores so they can compare prices of the same products with online retailers.
  2. Food retailers are investing more in digital channels in anticipation of an increase of nearly 25% in annual digital sales. Consumers are doing everything from paying for products and tracking their shipments through their mobile devices.
  3. Millennials with a college education are likely to spend £400 more this holiday season in comparison to other shoppers; and they will spend more money on themselves.
  4. Gen Z will have a huge influence on the penetration of interactive digital media, particularly mobile video since they number 86 million in North America alone. This group of shoppers prefers products to experiences, unlike the millennials. They also tend to respond more to actual product reviews than to ads.
  5. An average of £150 will be sent to a favourite charitable cause by each shopper. Additionally, 75 per cent of retailers will also make donations to charity. And shoppers said they have a preference for retailers that demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility. The consumers will contribute to causes such as health and social services, animal welfare, disaster relief, and community development.
  6. With international borders disappearing and people becoming more mobile, people can shop throughout the year. The trend is encouraged by numerous deals and discount offers from sellers on voucher sites.
  7. Around 80 per cent for shoppers care about brands. The brands could be independent retailers, established companies, new companies, and even local businesses. About 75% of people will shop locally, while 56% will try and find an independent retailer.
  8. About half of all households have pets and expectations are that they will buy a gift for them. While the average pet household will spend £50, millennials will end up spending a little more on their pets (£63)!
  9. Free shipping and free returns have become a norm and about 60% of retailers say they will offer these features to their customers over this shopping season. Ordering and delivery options have increased by retailers in a bid to create a better blend of speed, price, convenience, and variety for shoppers.

All in all, Wikigains predicts that consumers will spend 10% more this season for anything that goes in their kitchen, whether it is food or kitchen utensils. Additionally, consumers from households that have annual incomes below £38,000 will increase their spending more than everybody else. Millennial parents are twice as likely compared to last year to pay for such gifts using their mobile devices!

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