Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler is the most effective method to peel foods grown from the ground. Focus the nourishment on the base sustenance holder and press tenderly. The most effective method to uproot peeled sustenance. It’s uniquely intended for simple evacuation of potato eyes or different imperfections.

Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler Reviews

Peels the accompanying nourishments. Before peeling, put a paper towel underneath the Rotato to catch peelings. Picking nourishments to be peeled, pick products of the soil that are firm, flaw free and symmetrically molded.

Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express - Electric Peeler


Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler: Features

  • Two additional sharp edges tucked in an inherent compartment
  • Convenient thumb blade for brisk, simple paring
  • Non-slip base
  • Sturdy ABS plastic
  • Ultra safe plan: no compelling reason to touch or hold the vegetable while it’s peeling
  • More hygienic than manual peeling
  • Cleans effectively with a sodden, sudsy material
  • Works on the other hand with a 6.0 Volt electrical connector
  • No waste, no exertion
  • Peeling foods grown from the ground is fast and simple with the Rotato Express. It peels only the skin without squandering any of the nutritious part of the vegetable.
  • The Rotato Express is straightforward and safe to work; even a tyke can utilize it. Its non-slip base holds it safely to the counter or other work surface.
  • Rotato accompanies somewhat plastic blade, put away advantageously under the base.
  • products of the soil in a flash at the push of a catch
  • The Robotized arm acclimates to each thickness, shape and compositions : From potatoes to tomatoes to rutabaga and avocados, likewise charms citrus organic products
  • Incorporates a hand thumb blade to scoop out the potato eyes
  • Worked away underneath the Rotato: compartments for 4 save sharp edges in addition to battery stockpiling and the helpful thumb blade
  • Works with a 6V connector included and can likewise work with 4 AA batteries

Usage of Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler:

  • Bring down the upper nourishment holder so it gets a handle on the sustenance and holds it safely Utilizing the tallness change lever, raise the cutter arm with the goal that it lays on top of nourishment to be peeled. Cautioning: Do not get cutter edge… it is well sharpened sharp! While squeezing delicately on the upper nourishment holder, push on the force catch. The skin peels off in one spotless, constant twist
  • Lift upper nourishment holder from sustenance and raise it to the highest point of the bolster segment. Handle sustenance, and utilizing a delicate forward and backward shaking movement, expel nourishment from base nourishment holder pulling towards you. Try not to yank your natural product or vegetable straight up from the base sustenance holder. You would prefer not to incidentally swing your hand into the holder spike. Cautioning: Do not snatch cutter edge… it is dangerously sharp

Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler is amazing. Trip off any profound potato eyes with the minimal plastic blade. Utilize the same blade to evacuate imperfections on foods grown from the ground. Thud on a potato, peel it and pare it in 10 seconds level—sayonara potato skins! The Rotato Express in a flash peels potatoes as well as different products of the soil at the push of a catch. It stops naturally when the peeling is over and will work cordlessly with batteries, making it cookout versatile.

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