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Best Pizza Cutter Reviews with Buying Guide

March 4, 2017

‘There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.’ -Kevin James

I have no confusion on that! Yes, a slice of pizza is like a gorgeous dream of my life! It seems like pizza calls me every time and I can’t reject her call. To me, pizza is way better than my girlfriend! Provide the best taste but doesn’t judge at all! Jokes apart!

Lots of people out there have the craziest affection for pizza. Actually, who doesn’t love to eat pizza? I think everyone does!

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Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews with Buying Guide

February 25, 2017

If you are living in an area where the water that runs through the pipes is hard, you might consider buying a water softener.

Using hard water at home can be a frustrating experience because it comes with its disadvantages. Hard water clogs pipes, accumulates scale on home fixtures and utensils and also makes clothes dingy.

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Best Fillet Knives Reviews with Buying Guide

February 23, 2017
best filet knives

A fillet knife is one of the most essential kitchen accessories that every home should have. The purpose of a fillet knife is filleting.  It has very thin and sharp blade that helps to fillet a piece of meat or fish quickly and effortlessly.

However, there are various kinds of fillet knives available in the market now. So it seems confusing to pick the best fillet knives.  You have to have proper knowledge about the material and features.

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Best Masticating Juicers Reviews

February 22, 2017
best masticating juicers

Juice is the best raw material to build a healthy body. It is the perfect diet for your health. Most people drink juice in the morning. It is said that drinking juice in the morning can maximum effect to your body. Here is the 10 Best Masticating Juicers Reviews for you.

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Kitchen tools Product Reviews

13 Best Mixing Bowls of 2017

February 15, 2017
Best Mixing Bowls

We, the team of Kichen Folks believe baking or any type of cooking is not possible without proper bake-ware like a good mixing bowl. When it comes to baking cakes or cookies baking cup, pop over pan, baking mat, bread loaf pans are must. And obviously a cool mixing bowl is also needed for saving your life.

It sometimes requires more than one bowl so it’s always better to go for the best mixing bowls that come in a set.

You can find different mixing bowls made of plastic, steel, glass, aluminum etc. they are of different sizes and colors as well. Some are also available with caps or covers so that you can keep you mixing on the mixing bowls for a long time.

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Tips & Hacks

9 Foods That Affect Your Thyroid Health

February 11, 2017

Thyroid trouble is one of the most frequent problems, happen to most of the aged parents. It can even occur to younger parents too. But somehow women’s are the big victim of thyroid trouble especially after childbirth and at the time of menopause.

However, thyroid problem can make you weak, tired and may be constipated. It can make it hard to lose weight; you may also feel depressed, sad and stressed. Thyroid problems can make your life worse no offense.

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10 Best Bread & Loaf Pans Reviews

February 9, 2017

Are you thinking about making bread & loaf in your own kitchen?

Need some fantastic pans to make your work easier?

This article will provide you some effective equipment’s to make your baking work so simple and so easy. Allow me to introduce with some Best Bread & Loaf Pans.

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Best Garbage Disposal Reviews: 12 Top Waste Disposer For 2017

February 6, 2017

In the contemporary world, it is impossible to imagine kitchen life without a garbage disposer. With just a touch of a switch, cooks can grind up and wash away kitchen refuse. No wonder they are called the cook’s best friend.

While finding a garbage disposer might not be a hard undertaking, finding the ideal one can be a very hard nut to crack. It is crucial for you to identify your specific requirements first so as to find the right garbage disposal.

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Coffee Grinder Coffee Maker Product Reviews Small Appliances

15 Best Coffee Maker With Grinder in 2017

February 2, 2017

Best coffee maker with grinder built in for home or office use is a pretty sophisticated need these days. If you are interested in buying a top rated coffee maker with grinder for own use, you must know some facts about the coffee machine. You also need to know some factors before buying one.  

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Ice Cream Maker Product Reviews

13 Best Ice-cream Maker Machine Reviews 2017

January 31, 2017
Best Ice cream maker reviews 2016

What is better than ice cream in the summertime? Whipping up a cone or a cup of own ingredients with the perfect amount of sugar and ice can make your summer sweat go away. Ice cream sellers are away and ice cream makers are in.

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