Planning on staying in and watching a movie late at night? But don’t know where to get some popcorn at this hour? A popcorn maker is what you need for situations as such!

There is a large variety of popcorn makers in the market for you to choose from. But why not add a bit of whimsy to this crucial movie night machine??

Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker Reviews

This is where Nostalgia Electric comes in. Nostalgia Electric, as the name suggests, brings out premium quality popcorn makers as well as other products in designs inspired by the 70’s & the 80’s. Lines of Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker:

  • Retro
  • Vintage
  • Coca-Cola

Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker


The Retro series of Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker, probably the most unorthodox range of popcorn makers available in the market. Inspired by iconic designs from the past. They surely will add a unique touch to your kitchen. If you are really willing to mix up your kitchen, why not grab the RKP530CART popcorn maker. It’s a 47-inch tall vendor-style popcorn cart which will be the center of attraction in every occasion guaranteed.

You can enjoy up to 10 cups of fresh kettle popped popcorn every round with this beautiful device. Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker is easy to clean but also very stylish, which makes it all the more desirable. Other notable products from the retro series are the RHP310 a snug little hot air popcorn maker or the beautiful stirring popcorn maker SP300RETRORED.

The Retro series maybe a flashback from the 90’s but if you really want to travel back in time I’d suggest you buy popcorn makers from the Vintage series of Nostalgia Electric. All the products from the Vintage series are designed as popcorn carts you only get to see in fairs or old movies. They vary in size to meet your needs.

From life size to small cart shaped popcorn maker that will fit perfectly on your kitchen table top, Nostalgia electric has it all in their Vintage series. Some notable models would be the CCP310TIARA, OFP801 among others.

Popcorn and Soda go hand in hand whenever you order in a movie theater. Keeping that in mind Nostalgia electric produces the Coca-Cola series to give you the theater experience from the comfort of your own home.

Nostalgia RHP310COKE Limited Edition Hot Air Popcorn Popper


Nostalgia RHP310COKE Limited Edition Coca-Cola 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Popper


The RHP310COKEKIT Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker is a fun popcorn making kit complete with seasoning spritzer spray, shaker & measuring cap bottle. It also includes 8 Coca-Cola drawn popcorn boxes. Its smart design is easy to clean and also fits in your counter top effortlessly.

Nostalgia Electrics CHP100COKE Coca-Cola Can Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Nostalgia Electrics CHP100COKE Coca-Cola Can Hot Air Popcorn Popper



The CHP100COKE Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker is another fun yet small popcorn maker.

It’s a small hot air popcorn maker that is shaped like a bottle of coke. But don’t be intimidated by the size as this little bad boy can easily make 8 cups of popcorn every batch!!

Movies and popcorn are inseparable!! Whenever you think about watching a movie popcorn is the first thing that pops into your mind. So to cherish this beautiful bond Nostalgia electric has brought you the Hollywood series popcorn makers.

These makers will remind you of the vintage movie theaters during the golden era of Hollywood!! With the HKP200 model of Nostalgia Electric Popcorn Maker & the HHP100 hot air popcorn maker, your house party will always be the occasion everyone looks forward to. These makers can make up to 12cups of hot, crunchy and delicious popcorn in every batch.

All of the products mentioned above are available at Hurry up before stock runs out. Grab your unique Nostalgia electric popcorn maker and have a blast from the past!!!!

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