Imagine this, you are on a fishing trip. You have a case of beers on your boat with no ice. Or, you are having a party within the next half hour and you forgot to prepare the ice. Or, you want to have a cold drink at the end of a hefty day at work and you have no ice. Won’t it be easier if you had an ice maker at your side?

Why should you buy iGloo Ice-102 Red Compact Ice Maker?

iGloo Ice-102


The iGloo Ice-102 is the ice maker that took away the market like a blizzard! This beautiful little appliance comes in handy in all those scenarios and more! Why put pressure on your refrigerator to make ice? Why wait for it anyway? Make it faster with the iGloo ICE-102 red compact ice maker.

  • The looks

This light red little machine has the perfect looks for an ice maker. It’s hard to describe how elegant it looks if you don’t own one. This red appliance lights up any kitchen and comes in handy in making ice whenever you need a piece.

It has a led display and a control panel on the upper part of it. The led display displays all the necessary indications. This countertop ice maker will look perfect wherever you take it.

  • The features

The iGloo ICE-102 Red compact Ice maker has all the features you will be looking for in an ice maker. It can make a batch of ice within 6 minutes or less. You can store up to 1.5 pounds of ice and a reservoir of 2.3 quarts.

This ice maker doesn’t make a sound like other machines in the market. It’s quiet and efficient. It comes with a compressor cooling system with it.

You can make soft ice with it too! With that in mind, you can make two different sized ice with it!

Add water to it, wait for 6 minutes and you will find ice in the machine. It has a very good drainage system so the water doesn’t stay inside the machine when you are done.

If you are one of the ice eaters, enjoy ice with your drink, love your sorbet with floating ice then you must try to have this iGloo ICE-102 red compact ice maker. It has the best reviews on the internet and is actually better than any other. Look for this one when you are looking for an ice maker! Happy ice making!

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