If you love to make your own ice cream then the Hamilton Beach 68330N 4-Quart Automatic Ice-Cream Maker is just the product for you. It’s got great features and durability like no other machine on the market.

I’m pretty sure at the end of this article you’ll definitely be wanting one for yourself and here’s why-

Why Should You Buy Hamilton Beach 68330N ?

Hamilton Beach 68330N



The design is pretty simple and modern. It will fit right in with all your other appliances in the kitchen. It’s easy to clean parts are very easy to take apart and reassemble, which is very convenient.

The main attractions of the Beach 68330N ice-cream maker ,
a) It makes 4 Quarts per serving
b) It takes about 20-40 minutes per batch
c) It’s fully automated

4 Quarts per serving is a lot of ice-cream! It’s perfect if you are hosting a party at your place. Just wow your guests with a scoop of homemade delicious ice-cream. What’s more interesting is that it only takes 20-40 minutes depending on quantity to make that ice-cream. It’s very fast judging from the fact that it can make 4 Quarts in every batch!

The easy lock lid adds to the functionality of the product. It helps prevent any mess from spills or accidents and keeps your kitchen neat and clean.

The best fact about the Hamilton Beach 68330N is that it’s fully automated. From beginning to end it need little to no human assistance. You only need to put the ingredients in lock the lid and start the machine. It will automatically churn the ice-cream and notify you when ready.

This saves a lot of time for you to catch up on those other chores. If its a social gathering you don’t have to leave your guests to make the ice-cream. Just start it and go back to your conversation in a jiffy!!! Also fully automated means no manual labor intensive churning, yay!

Apart from all these glorious features the product also comes with a user manual and 20 ice-cream making recipes for you to make. To make things even better, there is a 1-year limited warranty provided with the product as well.

So grab yours today and indulge in the frozen dessert of your choice, experiment with your taste and have a wonderful time with the Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice-Cream Maker.

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