I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie without having popcorn. How many of you can? It’s quite impossible to watch movie at home or theatre without having popcorn. I think movie tickets should be stapled with pack of popcorn.

Why should you buy Catamount Glassware Cg4526?

Catamount Glassware Cg4526 Popcorn Maker


Every American knows the true value of popcorn. Sometimes you can’t even imagine movies without popcorn. Whenever I step into theatre the smell of butter and salt increases my craving for popcorn. And if you talk about premier show then it’s literally impossible to attend without a jumbo bucket of popcorn. Popcorn started to gain this popularity from the mid 1800s. Street vendors used to sell popcorn. Well, that’s history. Now you don’t need street vendors to have popcorn. Now you can have the perfect commercial grade popcorn whenever you crave for it. If you watches movie at your home then it is the perfect tool to calm your popcorn craving.

How? Because catamount glassware cg4526 classic design microwave corn popper is here to help you. It is the newest and improved version of the older one. Also it got a magnificent design. Old one had glass handle but the new one has silicone handle. Silicone handles are more durable.

Catamount glass microwave popcorn popper is completely different from microwavable popcorn bags. It has got complete different taste. More over it’s more healthy and economic. The whole procedure of making popcorn with catamount glass microwave popcorn popper is simple. Pour grains of your choice in to the 2.5 quart container, take butter and place it in the silicone meting lid. Then microwave for 2 minutes 45 seconds. After melting the butter will drop through the silicone lid and cover the grains while popping.

Borosilicate, a kind of laboratory glass, is used to make the catamount glass microwave popcorn popper. It’s hard and durable. Also it is dishwasher safe. All new silicone handle has been attached which keeps the handle cool.

Finally Catamount Glassware Cg4526 is a product worth trying. You can either buy for yourself or gift it to others. Tension is gone. Now you can have popcorn whenever you want.

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Alona · February 21, 2016 at 6:02 pm

I have an older one (about six-seven years old) that I love. It has never let me down. My sister has the same model and she likes hers too, alugothh she did have one disaster where the bread never cooked at all. (On a night when she was having a dinner party, of course).

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