Best Kitchen Faucets for Home – Top 10 Reviews of 2019

best kitchen faucetsKitchen faucets plays the vital role of daily water usage. We the Americans use about 70 Gal. water each day regularly. Guess the highest contributors for your water usage? Yes, you got one of the highest contributor named faucet. So, it’s really affected our life and become so important fixtures of our daily life.

You should be aware of water preservation like we all do. The modern technology added this water preservation term to the Best Kitchen Faucets and I am here to represent you the top-rated reviews of them. Hopefully, you will find a high technology kitchen faucet to add a luxurious touch to your existing kitchen.

Their unique designs will catch your eyes and the beautiful features will blow you up. So, calm your mind and scroll down to find the reviews and considerations. You never have to be bored again…

Editor’s Choice – Top 3 Kitchen Faucets:

ProductNameLatest Price
Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetDelta 9178-AR-DST
American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Stainless Steel

American Standard

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motion sense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen FaucetMoen 7594ESRS

Reviews of Best Kitchen Faucets: Top 10 of 2019

The search actually depends on you, what kind of faucet you are looking for to install in your kitchen sink for home. Their unique designs will catch your eye and you would want to buy them for the beautification of your kitchen. It depends on the size of the kitchen sink and how many holes it has.

If it has one hole you can go for a kitchen faucet which is big enough on the other hand if it’s two or three holes you can buy the medium sized kitchen taps.

Also, keep in mind that you have to take care of the mounting and the handle type of the faucet while buying and how easy it is to install by yourself so that if something happens you can do something quickly. The price may vary on the basis of the material and what accessories are coming with them.

You can check these 10 best kitchen faucets 2019 for the home to install on your kitchen sinks which can enhance the look of the sink and the whole kitchen:

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motion sense One-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motion sense One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor is considered as one of the best pull-down kitchen faucets with spot resistance technology for a long game.

You will never see any water spot or finger spot in the fixture. It’s made of premium quality stainless steel. The handle of this faucet has motion sensor technology included for more convenience. Oil rubbed bronze One handle pull down kitchen faucet are more popular in the US. You also Check details.

Why Choose Moen 7594ESRS fauects?

It comes with a splendid motion sensor technology that will let you turn the water on and off with only the wave of the hand. Also, if you place a cup or pan below the faucet the water will come out automatically and when you remove it the supply will stop. By far, it is the most attractive feature of this faucet.

It is constructed like a beast with quality materials. The installation system is hassle free as well with Moen’s Duralock Quick Connect system. It takes only a few minutes to install properly.

The spray want is flexible and lightweight. Besides, it ranges to 10 inches and more. So, it will fit in most of the homes.

Last but not the least, an appearance of the faucet is mind-blowing. It will surely offer you a rich and posh kitchen experience.

What is the problem of Moen 7594ESRS?

If you want a faucet for heavy use this one may not be an appropriate choice. If you have a large family where faucets needed to use often, I should recommend you to make another choice.

Experts Feedback

Yes, the price is high. It is because of its touchless technology. By far it is one of the best touchless kitchen faucets today. The construction, style, performance, and installation system everything is perfect. If you have, a small family don’t dig up more. Just pick and enjoy.


Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland kitchen faucet comes with a very nice design that will surely grab the attraction of your kitchen! it’s a pull down Single hand kitchen faucet that includes a spray as well.

It comes with a magnet, which will keep your water safe from leakage, and it will make the handle locked when you are not using it.

Therefore, it has a very powerful tool and technology as well. The installation system is very easy.

Also, it is heavily constructed with stainless steel and diamond steel coating. Overall, it is considered as one of the best among 10 Best Kitchen tabs 2019.

Why Choose Delta 9178?

The first reason to choose the Delta 9178 pull down sprayer Kitchen Faucet is that it is made in the USA. So, you can imagine the construction quality!

It has MagnaTite Docking included keeping spray wand in the right position.

Besides, it comes with DIAMOND Seal Technology for hassle free installation system and keeps your faucet shinny for lifelong.

It is carefully made faucet that lasts twice longer than any other industry standard faucets.

It offers 1.8 GPM flow rate. Also, you can switch spray and steam with a toggle switch on the back. And for hot and cold streams there is also a single lever available in the unit. The operation is also simple.

What is the Problem of Delta 9178?

It keeps dripping sometimes as it isn’t perfectly lined up while turning it off. But it is a minor issue and doesn’t happen frequently.

A soap dispenser isn’t included with this item.

Experts Feedback

After considering all the positive and negative aspects, our experts said it is a worth to purchase. For such quality, the price is quite acceptable. Besides, it is a product for the long game.


American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Stainless Steel
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

With standard design features this American Standard place second in our best kitchen faucets reviews article. The faucet comes with a pull-down spray and you can adjust the way you want it.

Even you can pause the faucet for a while if you need to. Not only that is you want you can adjust the faucet according to your purpose. It’s made of metal and has a lever handle as well.

Why Choose American Standard 4175.300.075 faucets?

Because it is American Standard and you know how amazing their products are! American Standard ensures the style and performance in all of their products. It is no exception.

This faucet meets the NSF Standard 61/Section 9 and Prop 65 lead requirements set forth by the government. Also, it is ADA approved. The temperature will never rise accidently in time of turn off and on because of memory valve position. So, the unit is completely safe to use.

It comes with a ceramic disc valve for a lifelong drip free performance. The valve is absolutely perfect that will keep the faucet maintenance free.

Therefore, it has easy to use pull-down spray for convenient use. It has an adjustable spray pattern system with pause feature.

The installation system is super simple. You don’t have to hire any professional plumber. Just follow the instructions provided with the item.

What is the problem of American Standard 4175.300.075?

According to some previous users, the metal of this faucet is a bit thin and light. The issue is not something big.

It comes with a powerful spray jet that splats countertops and floor while in operation. So, the design is a bit irritating. Need to reconsider.

Experts Feedback

As there are some negative issues so, you can say it is not the best faucet you can buy. But according to experts judge the quality and functionality for this budget range is amazing. Definitely a wise choice for your kitchen.


VIGO VG02001ST Modern spiral Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet

>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This VIGO VGO2001ST is considered as one of the best pull out kitchen faucets of the present time. It comes with an attached big spring, which is made of metal and mixed with the main body of the tab.

The other part is fixed with the spray and they are joined with a pipe so the faucet is highly movable. Also, the spring gives it’s a nice stylish look as well.

The body is made of nice stainless steel. It is a pull-down spray high arch faucet. It has coatings, which are available in black color as well.

Why choose VIGO VGO2001ST Kitchen Faucet?

The installation is simple with only a single hole. You don’t have to call an expert or you don’t have to be an expert for installing this one. Therefore, it is an item for the long game with solid brass construction. It resists corrosion and mineral buildup.

Besides, it will give the full access to the sink as it has the 360-degree swivel spout. So, it is convenient.

The faucet has high quality ceramic disc cartridge, dual- function, spiral, pull-down spray head and so many other features that ensure powerful flow. Besides, the flow rate is 1.8GPM which is enough for a tab.

The operation is simple with a single lever. Besides, it is cUPC, NSF-61, NSF-372, CALGreen, CEC, and AB1953 certified and ADA Compliant. It is extremely safe to use.

What is the Problem of VIGO VGO2001ST Kitchen Faucet?

The built is soap dispenser that comes with the VIGO is quite smaller in comparison to other standard products. You can’t hold much soap in it.

Some of the customers said the water flow rate is lower in regular flow setting. But you can change the setting for a better water flow rate.

Experts Feedback

Overall, it is one of the great items in such a price range. If you are looking for the kitchen sink faucet for the value, it is an amazing choice. However, there are some good items as well but not in this price range.


Pfister Pfirst Series 2-Handle Bar/Prep Kitchen Faucet

Pfister Pfirst Series 2-Handle Bar Prep Kitchen Faucet
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This best kitchen faucet comes with two different handles. You have to puree them and the water will come out.

The design was made by keeping the thought of the handicap people in mind. It’s made of stainless steel and has the coating of polish so it’s just so exclusive.

Why Choose Pfister Pfirst Kitchen Faucet?

The Pfister Pfirst offers 2.2 GPM water flow rate which is fairly enough for a kitchen faucet. The tab is made of plastic materials but after installation, it seems like a metal. Besides, the plastic is also premium quality for the long run.

The appearance of this kitchen faucet is attractive. You can install in your kitchen and see the magic by yourself.

However, the handle is metal made and pretty simple to operate. You don’t have to take any hassle in time of installation as well.

Besides, it offers lead-free water. You can drink the water without any tension. It meets the standard of U.S safe drinking water Act.

What is the problem of Pfister Pfirst Kitchen Faucet?

The water pressure is a bit lower than the expected level of the people. But come on it is a low budget faucet. Not everything will be similar as like the above Delta kitchen faucet!

Also, if you compare it with an exclusive item you will be disappointed. It doesn’t have the quality of 200 dollars faucet. But for this price range, the quality is just enough.

Experts Feedback

According to experts, if your budget range is under fifty dollars, it is worth to buy. But if you need amazing functionality and superior quality construction, you should skip this one. For small use, this is a decent choice.


Concetto Single Handle Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet

Concetto Single Handle
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This best kitchen sink faucet comes with a very nice design and it has only one handle. It is scratch resistant and includes spotless features. It looks so shiny.

Therefore, the tab is made of stainless steel. The handle can be used for two different purposes.

Why Choose Grohe 32665001 Kitchen Faucet?

If you need amazing durability this should be a fair choice. It is constructed for the long run with premium quality materials.

This faucet comes with Grohe SpeedClean Technology. It will make cleaning time simple. Besides, this technology protects the spray nozzles against limescale buildup.

It comes with durable ceramic made cartridges for ease and precision. The item is extremely worn resistant and reliable for years use.

Quality design for a posh experience. it will fit with any contemporary kitchen decor and surely make it appear classic.

Also, it comes with locking dual-spray diverter that allows seamless switching between spray and regular water flow. The user will feel ease while using.

The assembly is simple. You don’t have to be professional. All you have to do is follow the instruction carefully.

What is the problem of Grohe 32665001 Kitchen Faucet?

The only problem is with the aerator of this tab. It doesn’t aerate perfectly. When washing dishes you have to be careful otherwise water will splash all over the place.

Experts Feedback

According to experts, the item is not overrated. I mean all of the faucets have some minor issues. So, like this one. Nothing is perfect. You can give it a try over KOHLER or Delta. They said you would not regret.


Premier 126967 Waterfront Lead-Free Two-Handle

Premier Faucet 126967 Waterfront Lead-Free Two-Handle
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This Premier 126967 kitchen tab is made of hybrid material. That’s why it is exceptionally unique and durable than any standard kitchen faucet in the market.

The design is just beautiful. It also comes with two different handles. One for the hot water and the other one is for the cold water.

Besides, it also has stainless steel made swivel spout that assures its flexibility. The two-handled feature just helps you to make your sink and that kitchen look posh.

Why Choose Premier 126967?

It is inexpensive. That’s the first reason to purchase this kitchen faucet. If you have a tight budget range yet have a desire to use one of the best premier kitchen faucets, this one has no competitor.

The appearance of this faucet is awesome. With this faucet your kitchen will look so attractive that’s for sure.

The construction quality is also superior. Though the price is low that doesn’t mean it will damage soon.

The installation system is quite simple. You don’t have to call an expert. If you are a DIY person, you can do it quickly.

What is the problem of Premier 126967?

As the unit is quite inexpensive, so obviously there have some issues. Not that great issues but problems are problems. The item doesn’t stay clean for long. You have to wipe it quite frequently.

Therefore, the water seems to stay in certain places. The issue is a miner. With regular maintenance, you can easily use this product.

Experts Feedback

If perfection is your greatest concern, it is recommended to look elsewhere. But if you need amazing functionality in an affordable price range, look no further than this one.


VAPSINT Stainless Steel Single Handle Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet

VAPSINT Stainless Steel Single Handle Pullout
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

You will find a superb quality product that’s guaranteed. This VAPSINT Faucet is made of stainless steel with a finish of brush nickel.

So, both the look and durability is beyond your expectation level. It has pulled down a spray system. Also, it is one handle model which you can adjust for both hot and cold water.

Besides, the faucet comes with a pipe with that is fixed to the body. So, you can make it a movable faucet if you wish.

Why Choose VAPSINT Kitchen Sink Faucet?

It is convenient for regular use. The operation is quite simple with one handle leaver.

The faucet is strong with solid brass structure and brushed nickel finish. It will last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Besides, the finish makes it appealing. It will make your kitchen looks posh.

Therefore, it ensures aerated flow with Hi-arc Gooseneck Pull-Down drizzle on the heavy-duty serpentine waterfall. You will never get any low water pressure.

This kitchen faucet fits in both coeval 3/8 inch water supply way, also it has dual function sprayer that turns 360° swivels for total sink access.

What is the problem of VAPSINT Faucet?

The product does not come with proper installation instructions. So, you have to take some issues while installing. If you are a DIY person you can figure it out. Rest should call an expert.

According to some previous users, the handle does not look so solid. They said it is rather flimsy.

Experts Feedback

For the quality and construction, it is one of the best top rated kitchen faucets of the present time. However, if you compare with other faucets of the same price tag, you will realize it is fantastic. So, pick before the stock turns out.


KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Single-Hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Single-Hole Pull-down
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This best kitchen faucet can be transferred into a moveable kitchen faucet any time you wish. It has a pipe which can be adjusted with the main body of the faucet.

This is a pull-down kitchen faucet with nice design. It’s very easy to maintain, clean and install. The item is made of stainless steel with nice polishing. It is availing in different colored polishing as well.

It has only one hand that is adjustable for hot and cold water both. The spray has a different function as well.

Why Choose KOHLER K-596-CP Kitchen Faucet?

First of all, you have to choose this one because of its fascinating style. It is so classy and appealing. Any kitchen will look attractive if the KOHLER K-596-CP Kitchen Faucet is installed.

The swivel of this tab can turn to full 360 degrees for a complete sink access. So, it is a convenient option.

Besides, the pull-down spray head can reach over 10 inches. You can also switch from steam to spray with only a simple touch of a button.

The cleaning system is quite hassle-free as well. Also, it has pause feature included that will let you pause the spray flow whenever needed.

The construction of this faucet is sturdy. It comes with full metal construction. Don’t worry it will last a couple of years without any issue.

Lastly, it is manufactured in the USA. So, you can realize the quality!

What is the problem of KOHLER K-596-CP Faucet?

The dual function of this faucet gets confused sometimes. That’s why the spray doesn’t come out exactly right sometimes. The issue is not common. You don’t have to face such a thing every day. It rarely happens

Experts Feedback

This product is from great KOHLER brand so it is the example of true perfection. Experts advised purchasing this one if you have a mid-budget range. The quality is quite absolute for the price.


APEC Water Systems Coke Shaped Non-Air Gap

APEC Water Systems Coke Shaped Non-Air Gap Faucet
>>Check Price On Amazon>>

This best kitchen faucet has a brush nickel coating and it’s made of stainless steel materials. It has a ceramic design. So, the appearance and durability of this product are amazing.

You can use it as a drinking water tap because it’s completely lead-free. It is highly safe. One-handle tab with such nice and exclusive design.

It’s in number eight in our 10 Best Kitchen Faucets for Home of 2019 list. Let’s see why it is special and what is the downside of this APEC Faucet.

Why Choose APEC Faucet?

Such a fantastic option for an inexpensive price range. It is constructed with quality materials. So, it is long lasting.

However, the item comes with brushed nickel color and finish. It is so beautiful. It can easily change the appearance of any contemporary kitchen.

If this water is installed in your kitchen, you don’t have to think about any additional water purifier. It is a lead-free faucet that offers safe water so that you can drink.

The construction is premium. Besides, the valve offers smooth operation. The installation process is simple as well.

What is the problem of APEC Kitchen Faucet?

By far it is one of most amazing faucet it little negative issues. It actually doesn’t have any issues though some previous users said that the gooseneck is a little wobbly. But it’s not a big deal.

Experts Feedback

If you need the best kitchen faucet in an inexpensive price range. It is a decent choice. But if perfection is your utmost priority, I would say otherwise. It is super good for the price. Nothing is more elegant in this price range. So, it actually depends on your price range.


You can definitely pick from one of these 10 Best Kitchen Faucets 2019 to do a little beautification of the sink and the kitchen and make it look grand. All the products above are made of quality materials. The performance is tremendous as well. Besides, all of those have slight differences in style and performance. You can pick any of this without any tension. But before you open up your wallet you should check the buying guide below.

Best Kitchen Faucets: Ultimate Buying Guide

The Kitchen Faucets are one of the most beneficial kitchen utility at present. It makes dish cleaning activity effortless and smooth by offering the required water supply. Therefore, a kitchen faucet can also make the appearance fabulous.

You will find lots of best kitchen sink faucets with various brands and price range. But as you are investing your money so it is better to invest in the best. But the question is how to know best suited for you which one? Well, read this article carefully.

The price range of kitchen faucets varies from model to model. Different brands provide different types of quality and features. Among those humongous options choosing the right one is quite a severe task.

Therefore, good Kitchen sink faucets must be sturdy and beautiful. The finish should be perfect and it should feature most of the latest technologies as well. It is obvious to get confused. No need to worry about that. We are here to help. Stay connected till the end it will surely help you out.

Mounting style of Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen faucet usually comes in three different mounting styles. Let’s compare them and select one according to your need:

Sink Mount

Sink Mounted faucets directly mount with the sink. If you want to install a sink mount faucet in your existing sink consider how many holes are there in your sink or install a sink mount faucet. Usually, those come with one, two, three or four holes.


Usually, sink mount is the great option for quick renovation. Those are pretty stylish as well. Those are not pricey. Therefore, the sink mount is simple to install as well.

Deck Mount

Deck Mount faucets usually attached with the countertop directly. They don’t attach to the wall or with the sink. Deck Mount faucets are more stylish and provide a classy appearance in any kitchen.


Those are easy to install and made with brass construction for long-lasting durability.

Wall Mount

Wall mounted tab are another mounting style that is less popular at present. But usually, those who use wall mount style they always consider those items. Come on! Why are you afraid? Even walls mount your shower and tub faucets! Why not on the kitchen?


The main benefits of having a wall mount style are: it is super simple to clean up. Those are even more stylish and those are surprisingly sturdier than deck or sink mounted style.

Handle Type of Kitchen Faucets

kitchen faucet mostly comes in three different handle styles. They can be single handle, two handles or hands-free. Both 3 models are useful in their own way. Let’s check the handle types at a glance.

Single Handle faucets

Single-handle faucets are more popular all over the world because of their easy installation system and simple operation. Those faucets usually take less space. But single handled faucets are not as good in temperature adjustment as two-handle models.

If you consider a single handle one remember that the rotation of this model can hit whatever behind it. That’s why don’t forget to measure the distance of back splash or window ledge properly.

Double handle faucets

Double handle kitchen faucet models are costlier as they can provide proper temperature adjustment facility. But the fact is those are a bit hard to install and you have to use both your hands while operating this model.

Hands-free faucets

Hands-Free models are the latest faucet option at present. Those are designed with faucet motion sense technology You don’t have to provide any effort just simple hand gesture will turn the water flow on and off. It will operate with your hand movement.

Consider the Height

You can either choose High Arc or Low Arc Kitchen Faucets according to the style of your kitchen. However, easy to clean and they come at a height of 8 to 10 inches.

Where else, coming at a height of 3 to 10 inches. Those are classier to look and smaller in size.

Consider Holes in Your Sink

While adding a new faucet in your kitchen consider how many holes are there in your existing sink. For example, if you have a sink that has three holes, try to buy a faucet that exactly comes with three holes’ installation system.

Otherwise, you will not be able to install it. Usually, single hole faucets are more popular as they are easy to install and maintain. Therefore, faucets with three holes can provide cold and hot water and the fourth hole is needed for placing the sprayer.

Consider the number of holes wisely and match with your sink. Otherwise, your purchase will move on a vein that’s for sure.

Valve Types of Kitchen Faucets

The valve is one of the major things to consider while purchasing a kitchen faucet. Valve usually controls the water flow of faucets. You will find 4 different types of valves in kitchen faucets. Those are:

Ceramic Disk Valves, that is latest and upgraded. Those are made with two ceramic disks for stationary and water move/block system. Though those valves are more expensive than other valves they are more durable as well.

Then you will find compression valve faucet that is less expensive but leaks quickly. Those valves are traditional with 2 handles included for both cold and hot water. Though those types leak a bit more than other valves models those are easy to fix as well.

Ball valves faucets are more popular among the people. A ball with plastic or metal construction controls the air flow in this system. Therefore, metal balls are more durable than a plastic one.

And finally, there is a cartridge valve faucet that controls the flow with rubber o- rings inside a cylindrical cartridge. Those valves come in two different styles. You can find both single handle and double handle models in cartridge valves.

So, consider which valve system you want and then go for the deal.

Consider Kitchen Faucets Finishes

Now another most important factor is to consider the finishes of your new kitchen faucets. Out there you will see lots of brands with various finishes. You can choose according to the style of your kitchen. You can find chrome finish, brushed chrome, ivory, glacier, polished nickel, spot resist stainless, matte black and so on. Among them, chrome is the most popular finish. Those usually match with any kitchen style and the price is also friendly.

You can also consider brass finish that is considered as the most durable of all. But the brass finish is a bit pricey. Another most popular Brushed nickel finish, those are surprisingly durable and pretty stylish as well.

Now pick a faucet according to the appearance of your kitchen. Most people usually don’t consider this essential factor. As a result, they make a good looking kitchen into dull and dirty. Don’t do that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Kitchen Faucets

Which kitchen faucet should I buy?

You have to pick a kitchen faucet that matches the predrilled hole in your kitchen. Also, the faucet must have built-in water filtration system included. The construction must be sturdy. Besides, overall design must be attractive so that it can suit with your kitchen decor.

Which brand is best?

At present making incredible kitchen faucets lots of brands. But among those, most reliable brands are KOHLER, Moen, American Standard, Delta etc.

How to clean?

  • Know the finish of the faucet at first so that you can purchase the right cleaning product
  • For regular cleaning, you can use dish soap and warm water with a piece of cleaning cloth. Rub the faucet with dish soap and dry it with a cleaning cloth. You can use any compatible cleaning product as well.
  • To remove build up of grime you can use a homemade solution of white vinegar and hot water instead of cleaning products. Make a mixture with half cup hot water and half cup white vinegar. Clean with a cloth. But the test in a small portion to know whether it damage your faucet or not.

Does Kitchen Faucets are pricey?

Well, not so inexpensive! For a better quality kitchen faucet, you have to spend a good amount of your dollar. So, invest wisely.



A kitchen faucet proved to be beneficial at present. You can work in your sink area with ease and comfort. Therefore, it will also let you wash plates and dishes simply with a perfect kitchen faucet. But the fact is, in order to get the maximum performance you have to grab the best kitchen faucets from the market.

In order to remove your confusion, we already provide you with the ultimate options and some essential factors regarding this kitchen utility. Hope, you can purchase a good one now. In our panoply, we have an option for every type and shapes.

The price is also beyond your reach level. And those are completely testified by the experts. So, you can trust with closed eyes. Now it’s up to you! But be wise and spend your money on a good one.

That’s all for today. We will meet again soon with lots of other kitchen related items, hacks and tips. Till then:

Stay Healthy!!! 🙂

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