It is very hard to scoop that ice cream and form if into a perfect well-rounded shape on a cone without the right tool for the job. Purchasing the best ice cream scoop will help you scoop ice cream in the best way possible.

Apart from helping you form perfect well-rounded shapes, the scoop also allows you to fetch the frozen ice with ease. You will also be able to scoop the ice cream and serve it where you want without having to worry about it sticking on the scoop.

Most scoops have the thermally conductive liquid that prevents the ice cream from freezing by the cold temperatures and giving you a hard time when serving. Since there are very many different types with various features, it is a bit hard to get the best quality.

Through a lot of research, I am providing you with detailed information of several best ice cream scoops to help you choose the best. Read through the reviews and buying a guide to help you decide on which ice cream scoop to buy that serves you best.

Best Ice Cream Scoop Reviews 2017

With the help of the best ice cream scoop at your disposal cut through the hard ice like jelly and make perfect round shapes of ice cream. Don’t struggle using a serving spoon while the perfect tool for the job is right here for you.

OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

With this amazing tool, you can easily scoop away any type of ice cream you want with ease and little effort. The OXO Good Grips is designed with a pointed tip that easily scoops through any ice cream even the hard one that is frozen.

The edges of the product are flat to make sure that you are able to access all corners of the container holding the ice cream with ease. It has a non-slip grip that makes it comfortable to hold and helps avoid slipping incidences.

To clean this product has been made very easy and efficient. You can wash it using a dishwasher without worry of the product chipping off or getting discolored. This is made possible by the stainless steel design the cream scoop has been made from.

OXO Good Grips Solid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop


  • It is easy to use
  • Has a non-slip feel
  • Easy to clean in a dishwasher
  • Flat edges allow easy access to all corners of the ice cream container
  • It is strong and firm
  • It does not get discolored


  • It does not have a large surface to scoop a lot of ice cream

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Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop, 2 Ounce

You fear that you will ruin a perfect ice cream scoop since you are left handed and most tools are for right handed people. Well, worry no more as this wonderful zeroll 1020 scoop has been designed for both right and left-hand uses easily.

To make sure that none of the ice cream scooped is left to stick on the tool, the Zeroll 1020 ice cream scoop has a fluid inside the handle that is heat conductive and prevents the ice cream from sticking on the scoop.

This tool has a one-piece design and allows a double ounce portion scoop which is quite a lot of ice cream served with a single scoop. This 1020 scoop tool has an end cap that is coded with a gold color to give it an amazingly beautiful look.

It is sturdy and firm since the handle does not bend easily even when scooping hard ice cream.

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop, 2 Ounce

  • Scoops a large amount of ice cream
  • Has a beautiful design
  • It is strong and sturdy
  • Heat-conductive liquid prevents sticking
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Has a slip-free touch


  • Not ideal for cleaning in a dishwasher may result to discoloring

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Sumo Ice Cream Scoop

This sumo ice cream scoop is classic and one of a kind. The tool features a well-designed cylindrical tip that ensures you scoop ice cream from its container with ease. Even the frozen and hard ice does not stand a chance with this tool.

This amazing scoop is perfectly made to ensure that it does not break or bend. This has been made possible by its stainless steel make. The stainless steel also ensures that the sumo scoop is rust free which ensures better hygiene.

As you use this tool to scoop ice cream, your hands will have a firm grip on the handle like no other. This is because the scoop has been made from slip-free rubber. The rubber is also thermoplastic and safe for food use. This rubber provides a soft touch feeling to the user once you hold it.

Cleaning is easy and you can toss the sumo scoop into a dishwasher without any worry that it might be discolored.

Sumo Ice Cream Scoop

  • The scoop is soft to touch
  • It has a comfortable feel
  • It does not rust
  • Can be washed using a dishwasher
  • Does not get discolored
  • It is firm and strong


  • Does not scoop a lot of ice cream
  • This sumo scoop is heavy

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Kitchen Aid Classic Ice Cream Scoop (Black)

When it comes to serving the most frozen and hardest ice, then this Kitchen Aid Classic Ice Cream Scoop is what you need. This is made possible by the presence of a well-designed head of the scoop.

This is a classic ice cream tool to serve with. Even better, you can clean this classic ice cream scoop using a dishwasher without any worry since it does not get discolored or broken while being cleaned.

No more worries about safe storage of the tool since it has a hole especially made through the handle to hang it after cleaning.

The handle is well designed to provide a comfortable and soft touch to ensure that the tool has a slip-free feel and makes work easy.

Kitchen Aid Classic Ice Cream Scoop (Black)


  • Has a hole for easy and safe storage
  • Safe for cleaning in a dishwasher
  • Has a strong frame
  • Comfortable feel on your hands
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Perfect for all servings


  • The classic scoop does not prevent ice cream from sticking

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Ice Cream Scoop from Fire corner Living

Serve a perfect round scoop with this tool from fire corner living. Even when the ice is hard as a rock, it cuts through with ease and you need not use a lot of effort. It has a well-designed shaped that helps you scoop ice cream in a perfect rounded shape.

The rubber used on this amazing tool helps ensure that it has a soft and comfortable feel. This is important since, for those users who have weak wrists, the scoop design enables you to use it effortlessly.

Cleaning this scoop from fire corner living has never been easier. A single rinse and you are good to use it again. The material used does not allow sticking of ice cream on the tool and thus easy to clean.

You can also clean it using a dishwasher and it is not going to get discolored thus you have nothing to worry about.

The tool has a short neck that provides the perfect leverage needed to scoop ice cream with much ease and stability.

Ice Cream Scoop from Fire corner Living

  • Strong frame does not bend
  • Safe to wash using a dishwasher
  • Rubber has perfect grip
  • Has great stability
  • Offers great ease of use
  • It is very efficient


  • It is not free from rust over a certain period of time

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Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

This Norpro ice cream scoop tool has a non-stick surface hence after scooping the ice cream, it all comes off. This is important if for instance, you are scooping more than one flavor and you do not want the flavors to get mixed up.

The tool’s handle has been well-designed to join into one with the scooping surface and this allows easy scoop of ice cream. This feature helps the user to scoop ice as many times as possible effortlessly.

The scooping tool has a hard and firm surface. This is important to avoid breakage or bending while using the tool.

It also has a large surface to enable you to scoop a lot of ice cream at each instance.

Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

  • Large scooping ability
  • It is efficient
  • Has a strong and firm design
  • Offers ease of use even on frozen ice
  • The surface is ice cream stick free
  • Does not need a lot of effort to handle


  • Discolors rapidly when cleaned using a dishwasher

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Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle

This is the best ice cream tool for serving ice cream on cones. With its creative spherical design, one scoop of ice cream provides for a perfectly spherical shape to form. This ensures the ice cream curls onto itself to provide a perfect shape.

The design of this tool combines that of a spade and a scoop. This feature enables you to cut through any type of ice even the hardest type that is frozen. It also ensures that while scooping or cutting through, you use the least amount of energy possible.

This feature also helps in saving time and makes scooping the ice cream enjoyable. The tip of this scoop tool has a notch fixed to enable you to lift lids off containers with ice cream thus making work easier.

Strong and firm are features that this scoop tool has designed. It has low weight and you will not get tired scooping as many times as you wish.

The handle has a comfortable feel and has a slip-free feature to ensure that you scoop as much as you can for a long time without the tool slipping off your hand. Unlike scoops with metallic handles, the rubber handle on this scoop is not affected by the cold temperature. This ensures that there is always a warm feeling of the scoop on your hands.

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle

  • Thin edges to slice through ice
  • Light in weight
  • Fixed notch for lid opening
  • Provides a perfect ice cream shape
  • Has a strong design
  • The scoop is easy to use


  • The scoop surface is little
  • Cleaning is best to use hands only

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Zeroll 1065FS Tubmate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade

This Zeroll 1065FS Tubmate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade has been designed in a way that both left and right-hand users can use the tool with ease and comfort.

The presence of heat conductive fluid on the surface of the scoop is important to ensure that ice cream does not stick when serving. This helps ensure ease of cleaning this tool.

The blade has been specially designed to have a thicker surface. This ensures that the spade is long lasting and it does not break easily even when scooping through the hard frozen ice. It also gives the spade a classic look.

This amazing spade has been color coded to give it a new look that is appealing to the eye, unlike the plain stainless look.

Zeroll 1065FS Tubmate Aluminum Ice Cream Spade

  • Beautiful to look at
  • Strong and firm design
  • Does not allow sticking of ice cream
  • Scoops through hard ice with ease
  • Large surface to scoop a lot of content
  • The spade is long lasting


  • The color coding can be discolored when cleaned using a dishwasher

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OXO Good Grips Ice Cream Spade

Made from aluminum, this good grips ice cream spade is here to stay and provide you with the service that you need. The aluminum make ensures it is strong and firm for easy use. This feature also keeps the tool free from rust.

Just as the name suggests, the tool has the shape of a spade. This is ideal since it ensures that once you scoop, the ice cream forms a perfect shape.

The handle has a comfortable feel that ensures scooping is enjoyable. It also has a slip-free design to ensure that as you work with the scoop it does not fall off from your hand. This increases comfort and stability.

The aluminum design this scoop has ensured that ice cream does not stick to the tool to provide a quicker and easy mode of cleaning.

OXO Good Grips Ice Cream Spade

  • Large surface to scoop a lot of ice cream
  • The tool is long lasting
  • It is not affected by rust
  • Has a strong and firm design
  • Handle is serrated to provide a better grasp
  • Comfortable to use.


  • The spade is a bit heavy
  • Cannot be cleaned using a dishwasher, use of hands only

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Norfro Anti-freeze Ice Cream Spade

Get yourself this Norfro Anti-freeze Ice Cream Spade, for the best and easiest scoops you ever need to be done. It scoops through ice cream with a smooth scoop making it enjoyable.

This ice cream spade ensures that you do not waste an ice cream and serve as much as possible. This is made possible through the sleek designed edges which ensure that you are able to reach all corners of the container.

This is the best ice cream spade you will find.

Durability is not an issue to worry about with this Norfro Anti-freeze Ice Cream Spade since it has been designed with an aluminum alloy that is long lasting. This allows also prevents the spade from being affected by rust.

Its make and design ensure the spade is firm and strong ensuring great ease of use and comfort at all times.

Norfro Anti-freeze Ice Cream Spade

  • The spade is durable
  • It is not affected by rust
  • Aluminum alloy makes it strong
  • Perfect edges ensure all ice cream is served
  • Provides a smooth scooping
  • Has a large surface hence reducing workload


  • The spade is affected by the cold temperature of the ice

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Best Ice Cream Scoop: Things to Consider When Buying

Getting the best ice cream scoop you want can be a hard task given the many different tools available all with cool features. If you want to purchase the best, there are a few features that should never be left out of a perfect ice cream scoop.


When purchasing an ice cream scoop, it is important to consider the weight. Since this tool is held and use by hand, heavyweight would not be an ideal feature. Choose one that has a light weight to help make work easier and enjoyable.


A good handle should be made of rubber. Why is this so? You may ask. The reason is that rubber is a poor heat conductor and so the freezing temperature of ice cannot affect the rubber. Scoops that are made of metal without a rubber casing get very cold when they come into contact with the cold ice. Rubber fixed on the handle ensures your hands stay warm all the time.


When choosing the best ice cream scoop, make sure you get one that is worth every penny that you spend. To ensure this, a good ice cream scoop should be firm and strong so that it can scoop as much ice cream and for a long time. It should also be rust free to ensure it serves you for long. Stainless steel and aluminum are some of the best materials used.

Stick-Free Surface

Having an ice cream scoop that leaves ice cream on its surface is no fun at all. You may want to serve more than one type of ice cream flavors and not want them to get mixed up. A good scoop should ensure that it has a stick-free surface to provide the service that you need. This feature also allows for easy cleaning of the scoop.

Free From Discoloring

It is not safe to use a scoop that once washed using a dishwasher, and it gets discolored. This may pose a health risk to ice cream lovers. A good scoop should ensure that even when cleaned using a dishwasher it does not get discolored. This feature will help ensure ease of cleanliness and maintain high hygiene standards.

Final Words

Enjoying ice cream is fun, and it is more enjoyable when you are using the right tools to scoop and serve it. Choosing the best ice cream scoop is very important since it helps you save on your time and energy

From the reviews above, I have no doubt that you have through and correct information to help you choose the best ice cream scoop to purchase. Make the right decision and choose the best that will be worth your while.

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