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Best Faucet Mount Water Filter Reviews with Buying Guide

July 23, 2017

When we see clear water, we tend to assume that it is clean. But when the water is tested you will be surprised by the percentage of contamination that will be acquired. A faucet mount water filter, is especially, a brilliant discovery to ever exists.

It can save you an enormous amount of money over a short period of time. All you need is to purchase it at a minimal cost, install it and enjoy using safe water.

Best Faucet Mount Water Filter: Our Top 14 Selection

So, what does a faucet mount water filter do? Its work is simple. A faucet mounts water filter sieves out traces of harmful minerals found in the water like chlorine, limescale, and fluoride, allowing you to consume healthier water.

The following list bears the best faucet mount water filters that I have exceptionally researched to help you obtain effortlessly.

Culligan FM 15RA Advanced faucet filter replacement cartridge


This is an incredible replacement filter that performs remarkably great despite the fact that it is imported. It is mounted on the Culligan FM 15RA filter system to accelerate the filtration process. With this, you are assured of 100% clear and fresh water for your consumption.

The Culligan FM 15RA advanced faucet filter replacement cartridge decreases chlorine content in water at the same time getting rid of the bad taste and bad smell. Similarly, chemicals like lead, lindane, have no way of escaping the wrath of this particular mounted faucet filter.

However, the faucet can filter up to 200 gallons only. Once its span is depleted, replacing it shouldn’t be time-consuming and complicated.


  • Culligan FM 15RA is certified by the NSF
  • It is reliable
  • Can be easily replaced
  • It is affordable
  • Needs no assembly.


  • It only filters four contaminants, that is lead, lindane, atrazine and turbidity.

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PUR Faucet Mount Replacement water filter- basic 2 pack


Being one of the most trusted water filters, PUR Faucet Mount Replacement water filter- basic 2 pack has a sleek look that will blend nicely with your sink.

Once you install it, you will even forget it’s there.  It is also the best filter that utilizes the simple carbon technology to filter water through easily and quickly. On the same note, it is certified and removes 99.9% chemical traces.

Enjoy up to four hundred gallons of crystal clean and tasty water that is unto six months. Though it only fits the PUR faucet filter; it can be changed in a split of a second.

The PUR Faucet Mount Replacement water filter- basic 2 pack, is one of the top reliable filters that incorporates the max ion filter technology which has been developed over the past four decades with high-end experts.


  • Certified to eliminate 99% pharmaceuticals, leaving the healthy fluoride
  • Quick to change
  • Easy to use
  • Has a longer lifespan
  • It is reliable


  • It is bulky

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Brita faucet water filter system with light indicator


The Brita faucet water filter system is a modern faucet designed to blend any modern kitchen. Unlike other faucets, it will enable you to save so much money and still enjoy the maximally filtered water. It is an exemplary system that can filter a hundred gallons of tap water and save you from consuming bottled water which seems healthy but contains preservatives.

With no chances of any contaminants remaining in the water, you will notice that the results are tasty and odorless because all forms of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts are eliminated instantly.

The Brita faucet water filter system comes with an additional layer of trap sediment that will allow you to fully filter asbestos found in tap water. Just attach it easily to your faucet in the kitchen with no tools and fresh tasting water for a long time.


  • Indicates when to be replaced
  • Simple to use
  • It is affordable
  • Utilizes the most basic mechanism
  • It installations needs no tools


  • It is not certified.

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PUR 3 Stage Advanced Faucet water filter


Another best faucet mount water filter from PUR that gives you the perfect picture of the next generation filtration services. Embedded with the great maxi on technology, the par 3 features a high-quality construction for durability and toughness to withstand the kitchen conditions. Besides the sleek finish makes it stand out and express its incomparable effectiveness.

The mount on faucet water filter is certified to eliminate seven tens of contaminants for example lead, mercury, and pesticides. It, therefore, provides clear water with natural minerals to give you a refined and revitalizing taste.

The easy to install the faucet, which is also detachable, contains a built-in the indicator which will help you know when it’s time to change the filter. With its 360 degrees swivel which will allow it to fit, you will be able to enjoy filtering a hundred gallons for three months.


  • It’s new and improved
  • Removes many contaminates
  • Made from chemicals-free material
  • Well-suited for custom faucets
  • It is trustworthy


  • It is bigger.

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PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal faucet mount


The best way to protect your family from water transmitted diseases is by filtering water with the best PUR chrome horizontal faucet mount. It features the maxi on technology which utilizes a high-end mechanism that leaves the water safe.

The certified mounted faucet water filter gets rid of all lead particles and contaminants found in untreated water. It is the only filter that will allow you to monitor the process because it has a see through body together with an upgraded grip.

With an enhanced battery life, the PUR chrome horizontal faucet mount can handle up to a hundred gallons of water. To cut a long story short, you will be able to enjoy three months of pure and tasty water.


  • Longer battery life
  • New leak resistant connector
  • Utilizes a better technology
  • High quality
  • It’s small


  • Has a shorter filtration span.

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PUR Black vertical faucet mount


The PUR black vertical faucet mount is one cool device that has a likable design which is ergonomic and adaptable. The black water filter for sink faucet has a vertical stature that makes it easy to install with the help of no single tool, just one click and it’s good to go.

The best faucet mounted water filter does away with a long list of contaminants that is approximately sixty-one bad water elements. With a super leak-proof connector, no single drop of water escapes being censored.

Once the faucet mount’s power to improve your water diminishes, the LED indicator will help remember it’s time to change the filter. Be delighted with three months of crystal water as the poor black vertical faucet mount can make a hundred gallons available without failure.


  • It is certified
  • Eliminates contaminants
  • Reduces stenches and abnormal tastes
  • It is cost friendly
  • It is advanced


  • Does not get rid of all possible pollutants

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Brita faucet water filter system


The Brita faucet water filter system is one of the most competitive filters available on the market regardless of the fact that it is imported. It will protect you from harmful water impurities that no other filter can stand up to them.

The replacement filter features an electronic indicator that is an added advantage for the filter because it notifies when the filter needs to be replaced. Similarly, the faucet water mount for sinks can substitute equal to seven hundred and fifty 16 oz. plastic bottles.

It exploits a powerful mechanism that reduces wastes giving you clear, odorless and minty water to use for cooking, drinking or cleaning utensils.

It has no BPA in its structure, yet it saves you a fortune just by using it for a few months.


  • Easy to replace
  • Top quality Brita
  • Reliable faucet water filter
  • Consistently reduces wastes
  • It is cheap


  • Has no NSF approval

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PUR black horizontal faucet mount


The space saving horizontally designed faucet is a one of a kind device that emulates a competitive mechanism to keep your water safe from any harmful pollutants.

It contains carbon which when you activate it absorbs organic compounds picked up by the water on its way to your home through the old pipes. The easily accessible filter switch will enable you to turn PUR black on whenever you are need of unblemished water.

The pure black horizontal faucet mount filtration system is easy to connect to the tap. It will only take you a second without the assistance of tools. It employs one basic mechanism to sieve a hundred gallons of water with no leaks witnessed.


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Approved
  • Has an indicator
  • No leakage
  • Leaves no traces of contaminants


  • Takes up more space on the sink.

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Brita faucet water filter system replacement filters


Another excellent filtration system from Brita that is here to clear all the remaining substances in water, other treatments cannot get rid of. It is an imported system that is BPA free.

The Brita faucet water filter system replacement filter features an electronic indicator that will signal you when it’s time to replace the filter faucet. The white device reduces the uncommon tastes that may be lurking in water together with bad odors.

It uses a simple filtration procedure that will keep you safe from lead and chlorine which as it turns out extremely hazardous to your health. Have yourself a pleasant four months of three hundred and seventy-eight liters of pure water.


  • Has a longer span
  • It is secure to use
  • It is less bulky
  • Uses a basic mechanism to do its magic
  • Assures crystal clean water


  • It may not eliminate all expected impurities.

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PUR FM 4100B 3 Stage Vertical faucet water filter system


When it comes to saving extra sink space while a filter is plugged in, the PUR FM 4100B 3 Stage Vertical faucet water filter system comes in handy because it is designed to stay vertical.

The gray in color faucet water filter was crafted in a manner that it is compatible with a variety of standard faucets. In a single filtration process, you will have over three hundred and fifty clean and healthy water since it removes 99% of lead and 96% mercury all the way with any other pollutants.

The maxi on technology embedded filter system is quick to install and can extend up to 360-degree swivel to enable you to fit it in your sink. With a world class finish and body, the material can withstand the rather rough kitchen conditions.


  • It is sturdy
  • Leak proof
  • Uses a trusted filtration technology
  • It is certified
  • Has an indicator


  • Cannot work with other faucets which are not mountable

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 Culligan FM 15A faucet mount filter


The Culligan FM 15A faucet mount filter is a special water filter for sink faucet that has its unique style of removing pollutants in water. It, in fact, the number one filter being used across the world as it is reputable and has proven to perform better than others.

The NSF approved faucet features an economic faucet mount design that you can attach to the faucet with both left-hand and right-hand orientation. Likewise, it is the first faucet filter mount to introduce a cartridge change reminder sticker beside having the easy to replace finest carbon cartridge.

Culligan FM 15A faucet mount filter exterminates unfriendly smells, at the same time improving the taste of the water. It minimizes lead, chlorine, lindane and atrazine, together with other particles in water. With the help of balanced temperatures and pressure, you are allowed to filter up to 200 gallons of water.


  • It is approved internationally
  • Reduces lead
  • It is efficient
  • Comes with an installation guide
  • It is adaptable


  • It may leak sometimes

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PUR RF 3375 Faucet mount replacement water filter, classic clear, 1 pack


One of the best mountable filter from PUR that will allow you to sieve water directly from the tap. This way, it will be easy to take care of your kitchen chores like cooking and cleaning. The PUR RF 3375 Faucet mount replacement water filter features a built-in filter life indicator to enable you to keep track on when to replace it.

The PUR RF 3375 Faucet mount replacement water filter will give you more than ninety gallons of crystal clear water in just one filtration process. It confiscates 100% cryptosporidium and giardia. In the same way, it reduces lead, mercury, and chlorine to give you a taste and odorless water yet retaining essential minerals.

The portable body design is also substitutable but with only another PUR faucet filter.


  • It is convenient
  • High quality
  • Reliable
  • Has life indicator
  • Cool design


  • Its large

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PUR FM 3333B 2 Stage vertical faucet mount


The PUR FM 3333B 2 Stage vertical faucet mount is at the frontline to ensure you get to enjoy the uninterrupted flow of freshly filtered water until four months. That is when you will be able to replace it with another.

It is a fact that you won’t be counting months but, the electronic indicator added on the filter will alert you. The PUR FM 3333B 2 Stage vertical faucet mount installation is a walk over besides, you won’t need any tools.


  • Provides delicious water
  • A longer life
  • It is dependable
  • It has a modern design
  • Its price is friendly.


  • It has no warranty

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PUR 3 stage horizontal faucet mount chrome FM 9400B


Tailored with future generation intelligence and innovativeness, the new PUR 3 stage horizontal faucet mount chrome FM 9400B is way improved and offers excellent performance when it comes to making sure you are kept away from polluted water.

You will directly connect the space saving faucet mount filter to the tap in your kitchen sink, don’t mind about fitting, the faucet is designed to fit a standard size faucet.

The only faucet mount filter that you can find in stainless steel, black, white and platinum. All are cool colors to complement any kitchen design and color pallet.


  • It’s new and improved
  • It is trusted worldwide
  • Certified
  • Provides better tasting water


  • Has a short life span

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Best Faucet Mount Water Filter: Things To Consider When Buying

Making the right choice when selecting the best faucet mount water filter can be difficult. However, if you put the following considerations in mind, it will be easy for you to select the right product.


When purchasing a faucet mount water filter, I suggest you pick a brand that is reputable and certified. Such brands are tested; therefore, they are proved to be extremely suitable and safe to use, unlike other brands. In a nutshell, they use high-quality technology aided mechanism to reduce and eliminate toxins.


Deciding to take a certain faucet mount water filter is like putting your life into someone else hands. Thus, you need to find the faucet mount on sink water filter that promises undivided reliability to giving your very healthy water for use.

Body Material

Some faucet mounts on sink water filters are crafted from materials that also emit chemicals. I suggest you least consider purchasing such faucet mount on sink water filter even it’s cheap, and you are really in need. Try to find a toxin free faucet mount with a glossy finish.

Size And Compatibility

Before taking home a certain faucet mount water filter, confirm its size first and also if it’s compatible with your filter. Some faucet mounts are just bulky yet perform poorly. Consider a standard size faucet mount water filter that will be easy and quick to replace once it’s time comes to a halt.

Life And Cost

A good faucet mount has a moderate to long lifespan which in the same manner will help you save a lot of bucks. It will also provide you with plenty of gallons to clean utensils, cook and drink.

Final Words

You should be very grateful to the individual who invented a water filter. As important as it is, it is extremely affordable, very convenient and easy to install. Get one best faucet mount water filter today, enjoy the pure water and save a lot of cash.

They are also available in many cool colors just pick the one that matches your kitchen décor. With built in life indicators, I guarantee you there is no way you will be exposed to improperly guarded water.

Save that dollar for going to the doctor or getting some pills, instead invest in a water filter mount faucet that will bring you nothing but happiness.


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