Storing food items and drinks in a can is getting popular day by day. From dry foods to drinks and medicines are found in cans at present. But often we feel frustrated or irritated while opening a can. Such a hassle! In this case, a can opener proved to be beneficial. That’s why today we are here with the topic best can openers 2017.

Can openers can be found in manual, electric or under cabinet style. All of the models are effective in their own way. Those can openers provide utmost efficiency while opening a can, those are handy and those needs less possible effort to operate as well.

However, advanced can openers offer lots of cool features as well. Even some of the can openers are offering knife sharpen facility. As it is getting popularity day by day so you will see lots of can opener models of different brands. This will make you confused. That’s why stay with us until the end. look the reviews of best can openers and read the buying guide carefully. We will be able to pick one wisely.

Best Can Opener Reviews: Top Selection in 2017

In here we made a list of best can openers 2017 according to their performance and durability. We enlisted those superior can opener options in 3 different categories. However, making this list wasn’t an easy task. We analyze the regional and online market for months. Also, take the feedback from the customers and experts in our consideration. That’s why it is reliable panoply. Check the reviews at a glance.

Best Electric Can Openers

Electric Can Openers are the most popular  can opener models at present. Those are easy to use and very versatile as well. Some of the electric models not only open cans but also sharpen knives! Let’s check the reviews of best electric can openers 2017 at a glance.

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener


Undoubtedly the Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener one of the best can openers for quality, construction, durability, feature, and price! It will allow you to open the can so simply with an effective push-down lever. This one is unique from other existing can openers because of its style. Most of the can openers constructed in a way so it can cut the top of the can. Where this one is designed to cut along the side.

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener

If you use this can opener one thing is sure that it will not touch any of the food items while opening cans. Even, it will not splash or seeping out foods or drinks from the can if you use this can opener.

The design of this Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener is perfect with a large ergonomic lever that will allow anyone to open a hard can. It is super simple to use this can opener. Besides, it is made with sleek chrome and black design that makes it attractive as well.

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Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

The Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener is the combination of style, convenience, and power! It can open cans with full efficiency and perfection. The best thing about this can opener is that you don’t have to put any pressure to open the can. It is one of the best electric can openers with a powerful cut blade.

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener
Therefore, it has press and releases lever that offers easy opening performance to any standard size can. The base of this can opener is extra wide so no need to be worried about sliding or tipping.

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Electric Can Opener features magnetic lid holder and removable activation lever. It is very easy to clean as well. So far the construction is solid and sturdy. It meets North American Electrical Standard as well.

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West Bend 77203 Focus Electric Can Opener

Searching for the best can opener for the money? In that case, you have to consider The West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener closely. It has all the quality included that a standard can opener should have. It is powerful, looks attractive and works well as well.

West Bend 77203 Focus Electric Can Opener

The West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener is slim and extra tall so that you can open tall size can with ease. It is constructed with super care so that it can last a couple of years and provide heavy duty performance.

West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener has built-in cord storage and automatic shutoff system included as well. Besides, if you pick this one, it will allow you to sharpen your knife as well. It is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to take any hassle while cleaning. No other brand will offer you such quality in this price range.

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Best Manual Can Openers

Manual Can openers are also effective and handy kitchen utility. Those are less expensive than the electric model but you need to put much effort to operate those can openers. Let’s have a look on the best manual openers of 2017 this instant.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

The OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener alters the idea of manual can openers into the next level. It is one of the best can openers of the present time. It is sharp and comes with a stainless steel cutting blade that makes the can opening activity effortless and easy.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener
Therefore, The built-in bottle cap opener is dishwasher safe, so, you can clean it whenever needed with ease. The handle of this manual can opener is big and cushioned that fits in any shaped hand and offers extra strength as well.

The OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can opener is constructed with OXO steel material that makes it more durable and long lasting. It features lid pliers for no-touch lid removal facility. Besides, the price is very reasonable so pick quickly or the stock will turn out.

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ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet

I have a personal affection for this ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet! I love the way it looks and the level of performance it provides. It is constructed ergonomically to provide utmost comfort and superior productivity.

ZYLISS Lock N' Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet

The ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener offers smooth can opening performance as it lock entirely into cans with advanced locking mechanism. Besides, it comes with Lid Lifter Magnet that makes sure that your hand never touch the lid while releases.

The grip of this can opener is comfortable and very handy. While working with this can opener, your hand will never slip a bit that’s for sure. It is absolutely a good can opener for the money which is simple to use and easy to clean as well.

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Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener

Searching for the safest can opener? Consider the Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener that is considered as the safest model of present time. It is a heavy-duty can opener. It is designed to separate the lid from the can efficiently with maximum security. However, it doesn’t create any spiky edge or doesn’t contact with food items as well.

Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener
The Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can opener is made of durable chrome construction. It is very simple to use and the manufacturer made the product to satisfy their customers completely.

The handle of this can opener is ergonomic and non-slip. That’s why it will fit in your hand comfortably and will never slip during operation. The blade is high quality and rust resistant. So far, it is a fine quality can opener for the construction, safety, and durability. Pick with close eyes!

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Best Under Cabinet Can Openers

Under Cabinet or Wall mounted Can openers is the permanent solution. Your electric or manual can opener can lose any time but this under cabinet can opener will not. It needed to be mounted under the cabinet or on the kitchen wall. Those models are a bit pricey but those are efficient and time-consuming as well. Let’s check out the best under cabinet can openers options quickly.

BLACK+DECKER CO100B SpaceMaker Under Can Opener

Let’s finish this product review with only one sentence, A Can Opener from BLACK+DECKER! Well isn’t it enough? Jokes apart! If it is from the brand BLACK+DECKER no need to worry about the quality. Therefore, This BLACK+DECKER C0100B SpaceMaker under the Cabinet Multi-Purpose Can Opener is one of the best under cabinet can opener of present time for both quality and productivity.

BLACK+DECKER CO100B SpaceMaker Under Can Opener

It removes can lids with a powerful pierce cutter like a boss! However, it is more than a can opener as it can be used as a bag cutter bottle opener or even knife sharpener.

The design of this can opener is sleek and it can adjust suitably in any traditional kitchen. However, the installation system is simple and need only a few minutes as the company provides step by step installation guide.

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EZ Off Jar Opener

The EZ Off Jar Opener is another perfect model in our panoply which is amazing for opening any kitchen jars, nail polish, medicine bottles, drinks bottles and so on. This Jar opener is constructed perfectly with quality materials and it will last a long time without any issue.

EZ Off Jar Opener
It fits perfectly under the cabinet and it is super simple to install. Besides, this one open lid likes a champ! It comes with peel-and-stick adhesive for remove installation hassle.

This product is made in the USA. So, the quality is tremendous and the manufacturer declares that customers will be satisfied completely with this product. The price is not prohibitive as well.

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Swing-A-Way Magnetic Wall Can Opener

Fantastic quality and tremendous durability is the characteristic of this Swing-A-Way Magnetic Wall Can Opener. It is constructed with highest quality material that’s why it is considered as the most dependable wall mounted can opener. The construction of this can opener is made of metal materials. It is simple to mount on the wall and features 3 position locks as well.

Swing-A-Way Magnetic Wall Can Opener

Besides, this Swing-A-Way Magnetic Wall Can Opener has high-carbon; gear-driven cutting wheel and skip-proof feed included that offers smooth and simple operation. It also has magnet safety feature included.

The can opener is attractive to look as well. And for such tremendous quality, it comes at a very reasonable price range.

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I said those are the best can openers of present time now you decide whether I am right or not. If I am wrong, we have a comment section on our site you can tell me there. However, before purchasing any can opener don’t forget to read the buying guide below.


Best Can Opener: The Ultimate Buying Guide 

As we have to open cans almost every single day so having a can opener is mandatory. A can opener makes life easier. However, for that, you have to pick a good can opener. The price range of can opener is beyond everyone’s reach level. So, that is not a major issue to consider. There are some basic factors you should remember before buying a can opener.  What are those let me explain:

Consider Grip

The most important issue is to consider the grip of a can opener. Most of the latest can openers come with a flexible and comfortable handle. However, while purchasing a can opener consider ergonomic handle as those is the comfiest type of handle among all.

Some of the openers come with double handle with the press the blade into a locking position system. On the other hand, some of the blades come with single handles. Mostly electric models come with a single handle or no handle system. While purchasing can openers, look closely on the handle construction. If you feel uncomfortable, consider another one.

Therefore, also consider non-slip grip. This will make your task quicker and those will also decrease sudden accident.

Consider Materials and Durability

Can openers usually make of sturdy plastic or durable aluminum and stainless steel materials? Those materials are perfect. But some manufacturers made can openers with poor quality plastic or metal materials. In order to avoid those, you have to purchase from a trustworthy place. You can consider our products as those are testified by lots of kitchen experts.

Cleaning Facility

After considering grip and materials, look for the cleaning facility. You have to clean your can opener now and often. Mostly, can openers today are dishwasher safe. If you are planning to have one, don’t forget to check whether it is dishwasher safe or not.

Consider Weight

If you want to pick a manual can opener or electric one you have to consider the weight of the opener as well. Nobody wants to operate a can opener that is a heavy weight. Try to pick one that doesn’t weight much. If you are planning to have a wall mount or under cabinet opener, you don’t have to consider the weight issue.

Final Words

I already provides all the essential information regarding can opener. Besides, we also provide you the reviews of best can openers of the present time. You can now judge which one is beneficial for you and which one is not. However, you will find lots of can opener models in the regional and online market. Not all the openers are made with superior quality. Therefore, some of the dishonest manufacturers are offering worst quality duplicate products at the usual price range. That’s why it would be better for you to pick one from any trusted place.

As our products are testified by lots of kitchen experts, so, we can trust us completely. Nobody is forcing to pick from us. But if you care for your money, pick wisely.

That’s all for today. Some other essential kitchen reviews are coming soon. Till then:

Stay Healthy!!!


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